Sunday, November 23, 2014

Awesome week

The weeks are staring to go by super fast. I feel like last Monday was just yesterday!
Well last week was awesome. We went into this one house to teach and the people tried to bible bash with us. You could tell from the moment we stepped into the house that these people didn’t want to hear our message. They were crazy! We were in there for way longer than I wanted to be in there for though. We didn’t bash back, we just sat there and that made me even madder. What made things worse is in the middle of this 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses came in and added their 2 cents. I had had enough so I bore my testimony and basically said that contention is of the devil and our message is of God so we can’t be in there any longer. So we got up and left. It was quite a different experience and I’m glad I can’t speak Spanish very well because if I could I might have just flipped out on them.
Anyway on a happy note….. we met and AWESOME new investigator this week. His name is Luis and he's 19 and is golden! When we came over he was so excited that he invited 4 of his friends to hear the message! It was a great lesson and the spirit was felt by everyone. When we asked him who he’d like to give the closing prayer he volunteered….. and what a prayer! So sincere and heartfelt. We asked him how he felt after that prayer and he said peace, joy... incredible! It was so great. I can’t wait to tell you more about him.
We also met with Adan and his family and he loves talking with us. That family really wants to change, you can see it in their eyes, they couldn’t come to church this week but next week they’ll be there.
We went to Carlos' family to teach them but they were all sick from Dengue (that’s a disease people get from some of the mosquitos here). We were able to give them all a blessing though and they were really grateful for it.
That was basically our week with investigators. This week was also Halloween and day of the dead. It’s so different here everyone trick or treats on the 1st of November and instead of saying trick or treat, they sings funny songs. It’s really cool. I’m so sorry that this letter is so short! I’m out of time! Please forgive me! I promise next week will be a longer letter. I love and miss you all so much! Thanks for the prayers! They help more than you can imagine!
Elder Hunt

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