Sunday, July 12, 2015

Good week, bad week

Yeah, that happen sometimes. This week was a little difficult.

Jonathan moved. He didn’t even tell us. But to be honest, it’s a good thing for him to move. His land lady told us he went to find work so he can start to support himself and his family. He left Wednesday. The last prayer he said with us was really epic, I’ll just share some of what he said:
"... and thanks for sending the Elders to me. I’m glad they don’t ever give up on me. It’s awesome, that nothing stops them, not even the rain. It’s great." I’m going to miss him, but I’ve got to look on the bright side of things, now he can get work and start turning his life around. We did our part by planting those gospel seeds.
We also went to the hospital to give a blessing to the brother of the Relief Society president. Let’s just say I’m really grateful I was born in America. The hospital was so disorganized and when we walked in you could smell that it wasn’t very sanitary. It was really sad to see the chaos with beds everywhere and so many sad people. We were able to give the man a blessing and it went well. After the blessing we asked the man how he felt and he said . . . "well, now I feel fine!" Priesthood power, it’s real.
I was privileged to give a baptismal interview and attend the baptism of Idolina a 60 year old lady who loves the gospel. Her daughter was baptized in February and she got baptized this week. It was a spiritual experience with the spirit being there so strong!! And guess who came to the baptism with us.... CHONCITA, JAIME, ALEX, and DANIA! They loved it!
Saturday me and my district cleaned a walkway (minus Huixtla. they live forever far away). It went really great. Two hours of sweeping and picking up nasty trash, but it was sure fun!
It was kind of a rough week because the ward is really struggling. I don’t want to talk bad about it so I’m just going to leave it at that and say that if it doesn’t improve anytime soon, there won’t be a Famboyanes ward... it’s sad to say but that’s the situation.
On other thing . . . I’M GETTTING TRANSFERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to Frontera Comalapa! I’m so stoked! It’s in the Comitan zone... the same zone where I started my mission!!!!!!!!!! F. Comalapa is super far from Comitan , my first area, like 2 hours in a combi! It’s a little warmer of an area than Comitan was but not anything like Tapachula! Should be nice for a cool down. Anyway that’s what’s happing. So tomorrow I take the 12 hour bus ride to Comalapa! WOOHOOO!
Love and miss you all tons. Have a fantastic week
AND FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS LINCOLN! love ya man! Hope it was a blast and write and tell me what you got!
Elder Hunt

Exchanges, The Book of Mormon

So pretty good week. I don’t have a whole ton of time so it’s going to have to be short.
Jonathan is making a lot of progress!!!! seriously he’s so dang awesome! He came to church with us yesterday and he loved it. He wants to be baptized so we set a date for the 1st of August and he accepted! He wants so bad to change his life and he recognizes what he needs to do, but he’s having a really hard time setting aside the drugs and cigarettes. We gave him a blessing yesterday and he wouldn’t stop thanking us. He was so happy and just wouldn’t stop thanking us.
This week, we did a little challenge in the district. We went all week walking around with a Book of Mormon in our hand and used it as we talked with people. I’ll just share one of the miracles. . . . We found a kid on his phone and started talking with him about the Book of Mormon. He was super interested and kept asking us question after question, at the end he told us that he is a Jehovah Witness! We were super surprised because usually all the JWs want to do is attack us. His name is Daniel and he’s a great guy. We’ll be stopping by his house Tuesday to talk with him about the Book of Mormon more.
We went on exchanges this week and I went to Huixtla with Elder Weaver! What a cool guy. It was super fun and I slept with AC!!!!! They were going to have 2 baptisms but I could only clear 1 in the interview. She needs an interview with President, but she’s a great lady so she’ll be fine.
Sadly this week Choncita and her family didn’t come to church but they’re doing fine and learning a lot!
Sorry it’s a short letter. Pray for Daniel ( the JW), Jonathan (so he can stop smoking and stuff) and Choncita, Jaime, Alex, and Dania (so they can get MARRIED!!!!!!)
Love and miss ya all tons, you’re great!
Elder Hunt
Drunk Guy Quote of the Week -
"Look guys, were not stealing... were just taking pretty things that don’t belong to us so we can feed our families" - Drunk Guy #274


I got the chingunkuya this week, well, at least I think so. It’s a nasty little virus that all the mosquitos have here in Chiapas, but don’t worry I’m doing fine.
So this is what happened this week.
Lunes- It was a fantastic birthday. We bought some pirated soccer jerseys and then ate some giant quesadillas! When we got to the restaurant the waiter asked me "are you elder hunt" and I was like "yeah why" and then he said "wait here" he then brought out a little folder and inside was a bunch of paper letters stung together that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER HUNT". It was from my district . . . . I’ve got the best district ever!!!!!
Martes- My companion got sick on Tuesday so we just chilled in the house. I read a lot and caught up in my journal but at the end of the day, I had a really bad head ache. . . .
Miércoles- I wasn’t feeling so hot. We went to the doctor and he told me I had Chingunkuya! It’s an awful thing. It starts out with a head ache and then turns to a fever and then you get super exhausted and before you know it, you want to stab all your joints because of the pain (don’t think stabbing would help with the pain but that’s how you feel!) Knowing we had conference with President George the next day, I asked my companion to give me a blessing so I could feel better and go to conference. He did and we went to bed.
Jueves- I woke up and I still felt bad, but nowhere near the way had I felt the day before, so we were able to go to conference! It was great! President George is such a great man! When he speaks, you know he does it with the Spirit. We talked about so many things and I don’t have my notes with me but basically it was awesome! We ended with a testimony meeting and after I shared my testimony, my companion shared his. In his testimony he talked about obedience (something he’s struggled with a lot in the mission. I have some stories about him that’ll have to wait till I get home, but he’s doing great now) and the importance of obedience and living with exactness. Then he thanked me for always pushing him to be more obedient! It was good to hear him say that. I honestly don’t think I’m the most obedient missionary but it felt good to know that someone else was benefitting from my example! We got home and the sickness started to come back but I was thankful that I was able to make it to conference.
Viernes- I was sick all day and it was so boring, but I was able to finish "Divine Signatures" (FANTASTIC BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and read like 10 chapters in Alma.
Sábado- We relaxed a bit more but by about 4 I was feeling good enough to go out and work. So we did and we taught Jonathan! Such a great guy. He’s the guy from Nicaragua whose brother is going to be a missionary. We taught him about baptism and the gospel of Jesus Christ and he wants to be baptized!!!!
Domingo- I feel better! We went to church and Choncita and her family came (minus Jaime) and it turned out great. We were kind of bummed that Jonathan couldn’t come. We were sure he was going to come. We were able to visit him again and it was a great lesson. He thanked us for always stopping by to visit him and never giving up on him. His life is so sad. He basically told us, out of all his family and friends, we are the only ones that don’t give up on him.
The gospel is true. It blesses families. I love being a missionary and seeing the change in these people’s lives. Love and miss you all a ton!
Elder Hunt

Tender Mercies


Ok, so much has happened this week and I don’t have a ton of time, but basically this week was filled with tender mercies and I just want to share some of them with you:
Monday. It was a super rainy day and usually when it rains, no one is home, but we were able to have 3 lessons in the 3 hours we had to work on p-day! To top it all off, when we went to teach Choncita and her family, they were babysitting a 3 year old girl who was the one who answered the door. When we came in and sat down, she asked us where our other companion went. My companion and I just looked at each other and then asked the little girl more about this "companion" that was with us. She told us it was a man in white that was walking above us in the air. . . . AWESOME! I know that the Lord is with us and sends angels to watch over us!
Tuesday. Moises accompanied us to one of the lessons with Andryck (I don’t know if you remember him). Andryck is a great kid but he doesn’t really put a whole lot of attention into the lessons. But with Moises with us, he was asking him as well as us questions and was really participative, it was great. I know that when the members and the missionaries work together, there WILL be success.
Wednesday. We found a new investigator named Carlos Antonio, he’s in his 30’s, when we found him we were actually looking for his mom, who we had contacted earlier that week. He answered the door and we explained that were missionaries who share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Gospel blesses families. When we said that, he opened the door even wider and said "PLEASE come in!!" Great guy, and we’ll be going back to see him tomorrow! I know that the Lord will lead and guide us to help find those that are ready to receive the gospel.
Thursday. While teaching Choncita and her family, Jaime, her boyfriend said, “Elders, I prayed and I know it’s true, I want to be baptized". I know the Lord will always prepare his children to receive the gospel.
Friday. We had exchanges with the Zone leaders and basically we were walking all day and were super tired by like 7:00, then the Assistants called Elder Luna and told him we had to find a restaurant to cater for a conference with president next week, so we went around telling a bunch of taco vendors we need someone to cater for a missionary meeting and they gave us free tacos. . . . We ate free tacos for an hour!
Sunday. Choncita and her whole family came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best Sunday EVER!!!!! They loved it and in Elder’s Quorum, Jaime bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon!!!! I know that this family will eventually be baptized!
Love and miss ya tons! Thanks for the birthday wished and have a great day!
Elder Hunt