Friday, December 12, 2014

Permission to baptize Jafet!

Wow time is really starting to fly by. Let me start with the first big update of the church down here in Tonala... WE GOT A DRINKING FOUNTAIN!!! It’s awesome! It’s kind of funny too because we have to teach all the little kids how to drink out of one. They fill up cups instead of drinking just using your mouth, but were working with them! haha
On Tuesday me and my comp were way out in PDCH (just a little are of Tonala out in the middle of nowhere) and a truck pulled up to us and in English we heard " hey are you from Utah?" We looked in the truck and there was a WHITE woman! So we got talking and guess what... she’s from Tucson!! She used to live in Avra Valley where her husband worked on some houses! Now they live in PDCH in Tonala! It was so awesome. She knew we were Mormon so that’s why she asked if we were from Utah. She told us to come by anytime. We’re totally going to get her and her husband baptized!
Wednesday the Assistants were in town and so we were a trio with Elder Brass. Elder Brass is from northern Mexico and he’s awesome! He works so hard and really teaches with power and authority. We were with Jafet and Elder Brass talked with his mom. I don’t know what he said but basically we can now baptize Jafet so long as Jafet does better in school and tells his mom what he learned from us every day we teach him... It was amazing! We now have permission to baptize Jafet!!
Thursday we had interviews with President George! He’s such a great man! He shared with me a scripture in D&C 64 that basically said I am laying the foundation for the Kingdom of God. I have a ton of responsibility and the Lord will help me through it all. That night my comp and I celebrated thanksgiving by buying some super nasty pizza, but we’re missionaries so it was good enough for us! Anyway it was fun and we were so excited to find it.
Friday was super windy and there was a ton of power outages but it felt super great with all the wind. The people of Tonala thought it was freezing but it felt perfect to me!
Saturday we ate so much food. We went to Erminios’ house and helped him machete his yard! It was so fun! He gave us a ton of food afterward. We then taught Luis and his grandma gave us some beans and rice. We were stuffed. Then we went to lunch and ate MORE food! I thought I was going to die but I made it without dying or throwing up! That night we had a movie night with some non-members and a less active family. We set up shop out in the middle of the street basically and watched a movie on Christ. They loved it and we’re seeing them next week!
Sunday Luis came to church!!! it was so great! answers to so many prayers and Luis loved it!
Great times, crazy week, great week. Love you all and miss you a ton. Sorry it’s another short one but times up. Thank you for your prayers and letters.
Elder Hunt
With Jafet and friends

Using a meshetti

Too much food!

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