Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week Two!

From the Hunt Family: Sorry we didn't post his first week! He arrived safe and has been loving the MTC! Here is this weeks letter:
Holy smokes! Things are starting to really fly by. I know its only week 2 but it feels like I just got here yesterday. Sorry the last letter was so lame. It was my first P day so I was still a newbie at what to email. In my district there are 6 people going to Tuxtla Gutierrez and we all share the same apartment. The guys are so cool and funny. Some of them are looking at the MTC more as a time to slack off before the real missionary work, but they’ve started to pick up the slack. It’s hard sometimes to be continually working hard when you spend 10 hours of your day in a classroom, but it’s worth it and you can definitely feel a difference between a day where you give 100% and a day you give 80%. Last P-Day was honestly the hardest day I’ve had at the MTC. Reading the emails and letters made me homesick to the max! I couldn’t eat or focus on anything and I just wanted to give up. But I prayed and prayed and prayed. By the next day my head was back in the game and I remembered why I’m here and who I'm representing
This week I had a pretty funny experience. We were teaching Hermana Iroz as an investigator (one of our teachers pretends to be an investigator and we have to teach in Spanish!) Anyway her character is really struggling with trials in her life. So I opened to what I thought was Alma 26:27, which talks about having patience through trial and affliction. Instead I had the scriptures opened up to MOSIAH 26:27! She read it and started cracking up laughing! I could not figure out what in the heck was wrong. Well Instead of having her read a scripture on being patient in your afflictions and the blessings that come from it, I gave her a scripture about how if you don’t repent God will forget you and you'll be damned to hell to live with the devil and his angels in eternal fire.... I told the rest of the district what had happened and we couldn’t stop laughing. It was a classic missionary fail and I haven’t even entered the mission field.
Yesterday we went to a Mexican consulate to get our visas. It was great. We took a 2 hour train ride there and walked to the consulate from the station. A hobo lady came up to all the missionaries and was talking about how she loves the missionaries and how she’s a member of the church but doesn’t go cause she does drugs. She was honestly the sweetest hobo lady ever, not that I’ve met a whole lot of them but she just made all the missionaries smile when she was shaking our hands and saying how much she loved us.
Anyway keep me updated with the politics, movies, music, Hollywood drama and especially how everyone’s doing back at home. I miss everyone so much. And a special shout out to grandma and the Crandall’s for sending me the AMAZING packages! Packages and letters make a missionaries day. Another shout out to Ella! Happy birthday! And shout out to LaRea's friend Marissa for wanting to become Mormon! That’s so dang awesome! Thanks for all the letters emails and packages. I can feel the love from y’all!
Su Amigo Mejor
Elder Hunt

All the missionaries going to Tuxtla!

I didn't have a spoon so I made one out of tin foil
Thank YOU!

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  1. This was so fun to see! My son is one of the missionaries in the group photo at the consulate and he just emailed us that very photo yesterday!