Monday, February 16, 2015

Poco a Poco

It has been a good week. I don’t have a whole lot of time so I’ll just give some of the highlights.

Lunes- We were buying food and I heard a guy say to his wife, " Mira! Hay un gringo!!!" He walked up to me and said, " hey where are you from" in English. So we visited and he’s from Georgia and is in Mexico because he’s working on his papers to live in the U.S. legally. It was so nice to talk in English with him. It funny too because he had a weird Mexican black guy accent!

Miercoles- We talked again with Tony ( I’m pretty sure I told you about him. We found him last week. He’s got a messed up life and asks us a ton of questions). We’re working hard with him to get him ready for baptism. It’s hard because all he does is ask random questions but hes a great kid.

Jueves- It was a pretty rough morning. I don’t know why but both me and my comp were kinda cranky, so I got down on my knees and prayed for strength and love! I was overwhelmed with peace and love. The power of prayer is so cool! It turned the day around and things were great! Then we taught Josefat. Josefat is another young man that loves to talk and ask random questions, but he wants so bad to be baptised!!!! We’re working on getting permission, by the end of the transfer I’m sure he will be baptized.

Sabado- It was another difficult morning but we talked with familia de la cruz marroquin and let me tell you, the family is golden...especially the mom! They’re the ones that came to church last week and at church we watched the video of the restoration. When we talked with her she said that she had a dream the first Saturday that we taught her. In the dream she saw trees and light and heard the wind and people singing. Then we watched the restoration video at church! She said that every time we visit she feels a strong warmth in her heart. We explained that the dream was a way of God telling her that this is true and that the Holy Ghost testifies that it’s true by the feelings she has. We told her that she can know its true through prayer. We had a great lesson and can’t wait to visit them this week. Sadly, they couldn’t come to church, but they will be there next week.

The church is true and what I have found is that most of the time God doesn’t just throw blessings at us when we ask for them. Depending on the situation, he gives them little by little (poco a poco) so that we can recognize our constant need for his help and the love he truly has for us. It’s hard right now but i can see the change Tonala is making and I can see that poco a poco it will one day be full of wonderful faithful members of the church. The church is true! Love and miss ya all a ton.

Elder Hunt

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