Monday, February 16, 2015


Hola Family!!!!!!!!!!!

I love and miss you tons. OK, so I’m going to address the mango situation. Mango season has officially begun, and wow it’s awesome!!!! So many mangoes! Yesterday we got a bag of 12 delicious juicy mangoes from one of the members. This means 2 things: 1) were going to have to eat a lot of mangoes these next couple months and 2) I’m going to be spending a lot more time in the bathroom, but its all worth it.

At first this week was super hard. We had a trouble finding people, my comp and I weren't getting along that well, and it was just rough. Monday Jafet took a test and his mom said if he passed he could be baptized! We were so excited and so was he. Then Tuesday came along and we found out he had failed. That was a hard day for all of us.

Wednesday we had a lot of lessons fall through too, but we did get to visit some less actives. The first 3 and a half days of the week were just hard. I did a lot of praying this week; praying for help with my comp, with the investigators, and with finding new people. It was difficult. Then Thursday I found a scripture in Doctrine and covenants. It’s when Joseph is in Liberty Jail and he’s pleading with the Lord for help, and the Lord says that its for his experience, and that the lord will bring him success if he has patience and faith. It was a scripture I’ve read many times before, but this time it was what I needed to hear and it was an answer to my prayers.

Thursday we Found a new Investigator named Francisco Torrez. He’s AWESOME! His mom is super catholic and we taught him and his family about the restoration and a little about baptism. We invited him, his mom, and his aunt to baptism, and the mom and aunt said no because their baptism in the catholic church was sufficient. But Francisco said he wants to be baptized! There was a little argument between the ladies and Francisco, but he told them off and basically said that infant baptism is wrong and that he wants to be baptized for himself and not his parents. We ended our day by teaching an old lady named Marta about the plan of salvation. When we finished she prayed and cried and thanked God for sending us to here. Elder Martinez and I were so grateful for that day and little by little we talked more openly, resolved problems and now were great!

I’m going to quickly end with Family Morroquin de la Cruz! What a family! We contacted them Saturday and taught them the restoration. Their story is similar to Joseph Smith’s. They've been going to a ton of different churches over the past couple years and haven’t felt that any are right. When we taught the lesson the spirit was strong and witnessed to them that the message is true. They came to church the next day and loved it! They are an amazing family! What a great experience.

I need to end it here, but i love and miss you so much! Thanks for the letters and prayers.


Elder Hunt

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