Sunday, February 14, 2016

Miracle Week!

Ok, this week was crazy and today is too but I’m going to explain everything chronologically
Monday we taught Carmen and her family about the word of wisdom. THEY ARE SO GREAT! They easily accepted the word of wisdom. It was funny, they were apologizing to us for drinking coffee. They said, "Oh we're so sorry, we didn’t know it was a commandment! We’re so sorry. We’ll get rid of it right away!!! It was so awesome! Jorge, the 10 year old son, reminds us every week about his baptismal date! He’s so awesome!
Tuesday we found a man named Servin. Let me try to give you a picture of him. He’s about 6 ft. 2in. and 200 lbs., scars all up and down his arms and hands and some on his face as well. We didn’t know this about him until we talked to some of the members and investigators who live by him, but he’s got a reputation in his neighborhood for the crazy bad stuff he’s done. Everyone says he’s robbed combis (taxi vans), gotten in tons of fights, and is always drunk. Now for the good about him . . . . When we contacted him he said "I want to change" in fact he said it about 100 times. After teaching him about the restoration he asked if he could come to church! We were like, "of course you can!" Anyway, we see a man who has made a TON of mistakes, and who really wants to change.
We met with Adolfo afterward and taught about the priesthood and the organization of the church. He’s much better, healthwise, and is still super excited for his baptism even though we had to put it back to the 13th.
Wednesday my companion got sick and we got super lost going to the doctor
Thursday we met with Carmen again and talked about the Sabbath. We went with the bishop’s 2nd counselor and his daughter, Brother Rivera and Monce. They were a great help! Their testimonies were much needed and now Carmen and her kids have some great friends in the church.
Friday honestly was a bit frustrating no one was home, but we had a great correlation meeting with Brother Sanchez! He’s going to be an awesome ward mission leader.
Saturday we put on the boosters and were contacting like crazing and teaching as many people as would listen to us, even if it was a little 5 min. lesson with a prayer at the end. We also had our last choir practice to prepare us for ward conference.
Sunday we had our ward conference and it was awesome!!!!! We had 190 people in church and Carmen came with her kids, Servin came, and so did Adolfo!!! It was awesome!!!!! They all loved it so much! The choir did really well too. I didn’t mess up too much! The theme of the conference was the Holy Ghost! It was perfect for the investigators and their needs
Monday we got the transfers . . . . WE’RE IN A TRIO!!!! It’s me, Elder Perez, and Elder Rosas. They’ve closed down one of the areas in the ward so now we have 3 missionaries covering 2 areas! So basically were going to be doing divisions every day since we have 5 investigators that are pretty much sure for baptism this transfer!
The Lord works in mysterious ways. I don’t know why it is happening but I know the Lord has much planned for us here in Aguilas ward!
I love ya all tons thanks for the love, prayers, and letters!
Elder Hunt

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