Monday, January 19, 2015

Another week in Tonala

Hola Familia!
Another week in Tonala! So Monday we went to pay rent to our land lord and he told us we have to start paying more, so I called the financial secretary and basically we need to start looking for a new house.... it totally stinks because our house is dang awesome right now! But were looking around and we still have some good options.
Wednesday was a pretty good day. We had a zone meeting and afterward we ate hamburgers at a members house!!!!!! They tasted almost 85% to what an American hamburger tastes like!!!!! Which is saying something because I’ve had "hamburgers" here and yeah it’s pretty awful, but these were legit! After we ate we taught our investigator Josefat and it was a weird lesson.. when we walked into his house the spirit was not there and so the lesson was just bad. He’s in a hard situation. He lives with his mom and aunt and older sisters, his sisters are atheists, his mom is a hard core Jehovah Witness and his aunt is catholic, so you can imagine what it’s like around the house, anyway me and my companion left the lesson a little discouraged and without the spirit and it was just a bad situation. I sang hymns to myself and tried to think happy thoughts but nothing was changing, so I prayed for help, asking that I could have the spirit again and that I could feel peace, after I said those words an overwhelming sensation of peace came over me and we were able to teach more lessons that day and with the spirit! It was a fantastic experience.
Friday we talked with Jafet finally and talked about getting permission from his mom. At the end of the lesson I felt a prompting to ask him to fast with us before we come back the next day to talk with his mom, so I did and Jafet said " I was thinking the same thing" so Friday we fasted for Jafet.
Saturday we got the Jafet’s house and were able to talk with his mom and teach her a lesson!!!!!! It was awesome!!!! We taught her about prayer and asked her to pray to see if this path is right for her son! It was such a great experience!!!! With fasting and prayer we were finally able to talk with his mom, something we had not been able to do, though we still don’t have her permission, but were working hard, and trying to do all that we can do!
After teaching Jafet and his mom we taught family Gomez and set a date for baptism on the 31st of this month! The family didn’t come to church but we're still working with them. After them we had a mini conference in the church and talked about working together with the members of the church. It was with the district president, leaders of the branches and all the missionaries in our zone. President and his wife were there too and it was great to talk with them!!! And….. I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for the peanut butter, Nutella and pictures and memory card and everything! It made my week!
Sunday Josafat came to church and he said it was good. We’re hoping to teach him in the church since his home situation is pretty bad. After church we had a movie night with one of the families we’re teaching, family Mendoza, and we brought them The Restoration movie. When we watched it with them, it was in a different language for some reason and they didn’t have a remote so we couldn’t change the language settings, luckily the subtitles were in Spanish. Anyway so it was kind lame until the first vision scene came on screen. Even though it was in a completely different language, the spirit was so strong and testified to their hearts that the things they were watching are true.
Even though things are tough here in Tonala and our investigators are struggling to progress, the Church is true, Christ lives, his Church is on the earth again, and I’m so grateful I can share it with others.
Love and miss you all a ton and can’t wait to write you again next week!!!
Elder Hunt

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