Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Elder Contreras

What a week! We’re all settled into our new house and now things are pretty normal over here. First a little about my new companion ELDER CONTRERAS!!! He’s from Monterrey, Mexico and he’s from my generation! Super great guy. Super funny and a hard worker. He speaks like zero English but I speak like 80% Spanish so we get along pretty well. With Elder Gonzales I still don’t know what happened. It was so surprising and all of a sudden.
So Wednesday we had an activity with the other ward. It was for the Young Men so it was really just me, my companion, Moises, the sister missionaries, and the young men from the other ward. It was super fun! The theme was "Una hora en la mision" or One Hour in the Mission! They had name tags, and exercised and did some contacting and taught some lessons and each was assigned a mission. It was really well organized (not how I’m making it sound), and turned out really well. Moises is a total stud! He’s going to be a great missionary. He was teaching so well and it was so cool to watch him. By the time the activity ended, it was getting late so we headed back to our area with Moises and still continued to talk to everyone that passed us and even got a couple street lessons in. It was so cool and fun to do all this with Moises!
This week we’ve been focusing on Choncita in a different way. We’ve been teaching her for about 2 transfers and nothing is happening with her marriage or divorce so we decided we should start teaching the entire family. So this week we taught her, Jaime (her boyfriend), her daughter, son, and his girlfriend. It’s something that I think will bring a lot of success. They were very interested and participated really well. We have also got to teach the family Durante. We’ve been having a lot of success with one the ladies named Erica. She’s a great listener and has so much interest in the message, but can’t read, so she’s been having her kids read to her! All she needs to do is come to church and then I know everything will be ok with them.
Fun week . . . . and a weird one, but I love my mission. My companion is cool and were working hard. Love and miss you all a ton! Thanks for the letters!
Elder Hunt

Elder Contrerasand Elder Hunt
It's the rainy season!

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