Thursday, May 28, 2015

Super and INSANE week

It’s been a super insane week!
OK... I don’t know how I’m going to organize this letter... I’m thinking of just throwing all the info at you guys right now because I’m still thrown off...
We visited the doctor several times this week because my companion is having some serious psychological problems... I don’t know how to explain it but he’ll randomly see stuff bend in half and he feels bugs crawl under his skin and its getting really bad so we talked with the doctor and he said he’ll need to go home. There was some other stuff that happened in the past that we think has been causing the problems, but basically I’m getting a new companion!!!! Today at 2:00 were going to pick him up!
We’ve talked to a lot of the less actives this week and they basically said that they don’t come to church because the members don’t help them with their problems... dumb reason to not obey God, but it’s also dumb that the member’s don’t help them. Seriously they don’t do any of their home teaching or visiting teaching and it’s really hard working with them, but that just gives me more of a reason to love the ward, serve hard and work hard.
We changed houses this week! Today at 6 in the morning! It was crazy! But it feels good to have it done and be out of that garbage house. Now were in a 2 story house and it’s really nice! The only thing it’s lacking is AC... Maybe we can talk the guy into installing it! We’ll see what happens but we spent the morning moving and we still have a ton of organizing and cleaning to do but yeah.. new house!
More spiritual things...
Remember Nicolas? The perfect investigator?! We haven’t been able to visit him at all these past couple of weeks because he’s always working, but recently the sisters contacted him and he said he wanted to hear from us again, so we stopped by his house on Sunday and taught him again about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. At the end of the lesson we told him he can know if it’s true by praying and reading. I told him "for God, there’s no such thing as kind of. For God its either yes and no. Nicolas, this book IS true or it isn’t. We know it is and we want to help you know too" then he said "don’t worry about it... it’s OBVIOUS that this book is true" It was so great to hear that. I know by experience when the spirit is present, it testifies of truth!
We also taught Familia Durrante this week, but only the mom was there. She can’t read but we explained that if she prays, she can know that Joseph Smith was really a prophet. We helped her with the closing prayer and invited her to be baptized and she said yes! So well be working super hard with her and Choncita this week along with Samuel and Nicolas.
I love the gospel. The church is true and it’s amazing to be a part of the work here in Tapachula Chiapas Mexico!!!!!
Love ya all and miss ya all tons!
Elder Hunt
PS. Just got news that my investigator from Tonala, Josaphat (the one with the serious problems), just got baptized!!! WOOHOO!

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