Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Never Assume

I will address the title at the end of the letter.

Super great but weird week. I have a great companion, Elder Contreras. He told me in companionship inventory that he likes how I try to be Mexican . . . . Love it!
This week we gave a lot of blessings. The sisters in my district got really sick this week, especially Sister Grover. She got this weird sickness called Dengue . . . . and she got it really bad. It was at a level just below fatal. So they called us and explained the situation and we headed over to their house to give her a blessing. It’s so humbling to give blessings, you basically just open your mouth and let the Spirit do the talking. Sis. Grover is now doing fine and feels almost perfectly healthy. We also gave blessings to some members and a crazy old guy we started teaching named Jose Padilla! He’s my 3rd favorite Mexican old guy so far! It feels good to not just hold the priesthood, but to experience its power in action.
Friday we had a zone conference and it was awesome!!!! One of my favorite phrases that the zone leaders shared was from President George."Si queremos investigadores do oro, debemos ser misioneros de oro, no do plomo." ”If we want golden investigators, we have to be missionaries of gold, not of lead" Sounds better in Spanish but it’s so true!
I got my package!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER! Love you guys. Thanks for the letters and the candy and the U of A shirt and the book! It was great.
Now to address the title of this email. Choncita, and Jaime, and Alex and Dania (her family) are amazing. They’re progressing so much and it’s amazing to see the change in their lives, her boyfriend Jaime ALWAYS looked angry to me. It was scary talking to him at first because I always thought he was going to punch me. Now his face is calm, almost smooth. I don’t know how to explain it, but they’re changing. We invited them all to be baptized this week and they all accepted! We haven’t put a date to it yet, because Choncita and Jamie are not married, but were working hard with them and were seeing so much physical and spiritual changes in their lives.
I love being a missionary and I love seeing the change. I know the church is true and the gospel really changes families. Never assume that anyone will reject this message. The gospel is for everyone; druggies, alcoholics, gangsters, rebels, disobedient children, torn families, the list goes on and on. I was assuming when I first got here that Choncitas family would reject us, and look at them now, all excited and preparing themselves for baptism.
Love and miss you all tons. Thanks for the letters and gifts!

Elder Hunt

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