Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tender Mercies


Ok, so much has happened this week and I don’t have a ton of time, but basically this week was filled with tender mercies and I just want to share some of them with you:
Monday. It was a super rainy day and usually when it rains, no one is home, but we were able to have 3 lessons in the 3 hours we had to work on p-day! To top it all off, when we went to teach Choncita and her family, they were babysitting a 3 year old girl who was the one who answered the door. When we came in and sat down, she asked us where our other companion went. My companion and I just looked at each other and then asked the little girl more about this "companion" that was with us. She told us it was a man in white that was walking above us in the air. . . . AWESOME! I know that the Lord is with us and sends angels to watch over us!
Tuesday. Moises accompanied us to one of the lessons with Andryck (I don’t know if you remember him). Andryck is a great kid but he doesn’t really put a whole lot of attention into the lessons. But with Moises with us, he was asking him as well as us questions and was really participative, it was great. I know that when the members and the missionaries work together, there WILL be success.
Wednesday. We found a new investigator named Carlos Antonio, he’s in his 30’s, when we found him we were actually looking for his mom, who we had contacted earlier that week. He answered the door and we explained that were missionaries who share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Gospel blesses families. When we said that, he opened the door even wider and said "PLEASE come in!!" Great guy, and we’ll be going back to see him tomorrow! I know that the Lord will lead and guide us to help find those that are ready to receive the gospel.
Thursday. While teaching Choncita and her family, Jaime, her boyfriend said, “Elders, I prayed and I know it’s true, I want to be baptized". I know the Lord will always prepare his children to receive the gospel.
Friday. We had exchanges with the Zone leaders and basically we were walking all day and were super tired by like 7:00, then the Assistants called Elder Luna and told him we had to find a restaurant to cater for a conference with president next week, so we went around telling a bunch of taco vendors we need someone to cater for a missionary meeting and they gave us free tacos. . . . We ate free tacos for an hour!
Sunday. Choncita and her whole family came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best Sunday EVER!!!!! They loved it and in Elder’s Quorum, Jaime bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon!!!! I know that this family will eventually be baptized!
Love and miss ya tons! Thanks for the birthday wished and have a great day!
Elder Hunt

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