Monday, November 16, 2015

Prieshood power

It was definitely a different week . . . but it was incredible!
Monday Marvin and Eva invited us over to eat with them. We ate this really good shrimp soup. We talked about baptism and Eva is really opening up more to us. She still doesn’t have a definite answer but she feels like she should go through with baptism.
We went over with Rosa and there was a man in the house with her and her kids. I hate Satan. We asked her about it on Sunday and she told us he was someone from her past and he’s trying to get back with her. Luckily she knows the right thing to do and she’s been trying to get him to leave but he won’t and her kids are too nice to tell him to go away. So please pray for her. Sunday she really opened up to us and explained how hard the enemy is working on her. We’re going to be dropping by a lot this week to help her.
Tuesday is our meeting day in Comitan. We went there and got to hear from the new ward mission leader in Comitan. He presented us a plan he used when he was a missionary and it gave him a TON of success . . . something our zone hasn’t been having a lot of, so we decided to apply it.
Basically it is the subject of the letter: Using the Priesthood to its Potential, which encourages missionaries to give blessings to ALL the members and their families, and all the Investigators that are progressing the most, and to dedicate the zone and our individual areas.
To be honest when he first told us I was a little skeptical, because it’s something VERY different than what I’m used to, but we did it and wow, the spirit was so strong! The whole day we were asking members and investigators if they wanted blessings and invited people to baptism. That evening we met with the 2 ward mission leaders and the bishops from Comitan and went to a mountain and had a prayer together. After we all said amen and I opened my eyes and everything looked brighter. It was awesome!!!
Wednesday we got back to our area and immediately we started seeing blessings from Tuesday. We got like 3 referrals and had a ton of lessons that day. One of the families that we gave a blessing to was Brother Gilberto and his wife and it made a big difference. Their house wasn’t so gloomy after we left, but was brighter and happier. We also visited a bunch of less actives and some who have been members for years but never had had a blessing.
By Sunday Comalapa was not so much like Sodom and Gomorrah! It seriously feels different now. We had a ton of less actives come to church this past week, one of them being Nahin and his non-member wife! It was awesome seeing them there and they really enjoyed it. After church, we hiked a little hill and had a prayer together as the Comalapa branch priesthood holders. It was so great and now were ready to start seeing some more progress!
It’s been such a great week and such a spirit filled one too. Our investigators are starting to really complete their commitments and Comalapa really is a better place now. I know the priesthood is real power and authority from God. If we use it righteously, we will be able to bless the lives of others.
One important point about this exercise is when you offer to give a blessing it is an invitation and not an obligation.
I know the church is true. Life is hard, but if we do our part, we’ll be able to succeed.
Love ya all and miss ya tons!
Elder Hunt

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