Monday, November 16, 2015

Surprise baptism


What an amazing week. Our Heavenly Father is one absolutely incredible being. I don’t understand at ALL how he does what He does.... but he does it. Based on time I’d like to focus on the baptism that we experienced and not talk about all the other things that happened this week. I’ll just say that Isis, Eva, and Lorena came to church!!! it was aweosme!!!!!
Ok, so we had exchanges with the zone leaders and I was with Elder Martinez (he was in my district when I was in Tapachula). So everything was awesome. We were working hard and working good, and then on Saturday morning we got a call from Elder Spence he said they just got a call from a brother in our ward and he just told us that Mayra wants to get baptized. . .
Ok, rewind a bit, I’ll tell you Myra and her family's story. Lucy, the mother of this family was super catholic, but because the church is true, got baptized and then was closely followed by her husband, though he fought with beer and cigarettes for months before he finally got baptized. Anyway they’ve been faithful members ever since he was baptized in November. Their son got baptized too, but went inactive shortly after. Gil (the father) and Lucy have 2 daughters, Karina and Mayra, who go to church, read their scriptures (when I say read I mean study, and highlight and cross reference), say their prayers, and attend all other activities in the church, but they have never been baptized. We as missionaries and the ward leaders have talked to them several times but they always refuse.
Last Sunday Karina got really, really sick and they had to take her to the hospital in Comitan. Then the doctor gave her some medicine and her body rejected it, which caused her skin to start burning and dying. She was put in a medically induced coma and has been in one since Thursday. We talked to the Z.L.s who live in Comitan, and they worked out a schedule with the members in the ward to bring breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the family and to visit the family and encourage them while they were in the hospital there. Sunday was Fast Sunday and both our branch and the ward in Comitan were fasting and praying for the family. The Lord works in mysterious ways and after waiting and waiting for these 2 girls to accept baptism, He sped up the process. Karina and Mayra both promised each other they were going to get baptized after Karina got out of the hospital, but after Karina was put into a coma, Mayra felt she needed to get baptized that Saturday.
. . . . now were back to the phone call with Elder Spence . . . . so we were ALL very surprised and so Elder Martinez and I dropped our stuff and took off to Comitan. It was a crazy day making programs and making phone calls but the baptism turned out great. There was a lot of member support from Comitan and Mayra was very happy once she left the water. Even though she was worried about her sister, she was at peace.
I know the Lord works in mysterious ways and it was incredible to see his hand in this. Even though it’s been hard on the family, they’re closer to each other and closer to their Father in Heaven because of it.
Love you all so much!! The church is true!!!
Elder Hunt

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