Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Guided by the Lord

Guided by the Lord.

So this was a great week, but sadly I got sick. Not really what I wanted on the last transfer of my mission but we still saw amazing things.

So after being sick we were finally able to go to work on Thursday and we went on divisions (I think you say exchanges in English) anyway, I went with Elder Moravec and the whole time it was dead. We were thinking “great what are we going to do?" By the end of the day we only had taught 2 lessons and our last lesson was with Freddy. As we were walking up to his house he came out and when he saw us a huge smile came on his face. When we went in and sat down, he said "Elders, I gave in this week and I had a drink" it was sad to hear, but at the same time I was totally calm. We talked about repentance and when I asked him why he drank he really opened up. He talked about losing his job and that he has had a lot of persecution from family and friends, he also has had some girl problems with a girl in the ward. He said he had been really depressed and Satan got him off the path for a while. As he said the closing prayer he broke down crying and asked for forgiveness from the Lord and thanked Him for sending us at that time. Afterward he said as we came to the house to teach him that day that he was leaving to go drink again. Sunday he talked with the branch president and so he’s getting back on the path.

Friday we taught Marisela. Sadly Porfirio wasn’t there so we couldn’t teach a lesson but we shared a scripture with her and her niece. We also taught Juan Pablo that day. We finished The Plan of Salvation with him and wow, he’s so awesome!!!! He wants so bad to be baptized and he’s "echando muchas ganas" (that’s like saying working really hard).

Saturday we went on splits and NO ONE WAS HOME!!! As we were going back to the church to meet up with my companion and the other member, we walked by 2 people that were sitting down and I had a very strong impression to talk with them. I kind of brushed it off, but it kept coming back so we turned around and talked to them. One of them didn’t want anything but the other was GOLDEN! His name is Nicolas and he said he was looking to better his relationship with God. He gave us his name number and address without us even asking. I don’t know why, but the spirit was very strong as we talked with him. Sadly he’s not going to be home next week because he and his family are going out of town, but NEXT week were going by! After that, our last appointment fell through so we decided to visit a less active, recent convert named Rafael. Again, I think we were guided right to him. We talked about the 10 commandments to him and his non-member friends that were present. As we talked about the Sabbath Day, he brought up many objections and even after reading with him in the scriptures and explaining that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Christ he still wouldn’t drop it but kept asking why the church worships on Sunday. Anyway we weren’t making any progress so we just bore our testimony about modern prophets and continuous revelation and that we need to show our faith and be obedient to receive blessings. As we did the spirit filled the room and guess what, he went to church on Sunday. After church he thanked us for coming by his house the night before and asked us when we could come again. 

I love the way the Lord works and how much he cares for each of us. He wants us to be happy and as we listen to the spirit we can find that happiness and bring it to others.

Love you and miss you all! HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!

Elder Hunt

PS. Happy birthday stink face!

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