Sunday, July 3, 2016

The last transfer. Nike!

Elder Kitrass is the bomb!!! He came on a rainy cold Tuesday from dry hot Oaxaca (wa – hawk - ah) and he got sick, poor guy, but I gave him a blessing and the next day he was fine!

So a little bit about him . . . . he’s from Winnemucca Nevada but he tells everyone he’s from Las Vegas. They can relate to Las Vegas, but Winnemucca? Not so much. Anyway his dad is Greek and so he’s got a ton of cool stories. We’ve just been having a blast "gringoing" and getting into the work. He’s been in the mission for about 18 months.

This week we visited a man named Juan Pablo. I think I told you about him last week but basically he’s a taxi driver we contacted 2 weeks ago and wants to get baptized!!!! He’s so great. We taught him The Restoration and The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He tells us every time he reads the Book of Mormon that he’s filled with peace and hope! He’s so great. He didn’t come to church though and we’re not sure why. We called him and he said he was coming but he never came. We’re going to visit him tomorrow.

Freddy is doing ok, but the trials are coming. He lost his job. They told him he had to work 3 Sundays a month and only 1 Sunday free. He told them he couldn’t do that so they gave him the choice between his job and the church. He chose the church. It shows where his heart is. Please pray for him so that he can stay strong in the faith and find a job. 

Another great thing we saw happen this week was with a woman named Elena. She’s a lady without work and was looking for help. She has a neighbor family who are members and when we passed by to visit them Elena was there. We talked about the gospel with her and sang "Nearer My God to Thee" (it’s nice having an American companion who can sing and harmonize. Not that Mexicans can’t, but none of my Mexican companions could) anyway, music has such power and it brought her to tears. We promised her that her Father in Heaven loves her and that she has a purpose here. The whole visit was a right place at the right time kind of thing. it was incredible!

This week we were able to improve on many aspects of the work. I often feel inadequate especially in my new assignment as a zone leader, but I know that even with my imperfections the Lord will help me have success. In Greek, the work Nike means Victory!

Love you all so much!!!!!!!

Elder Hunt

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