Sunday, October 5, 2014

A BetterWeek

HOLA!! This was a much better week! Still incredibly hard but much better! So I’ll go chronologically.
Monday was p-day. We went to WALMART!!!! It was awesome! I miss America, but love Mexico. I got a sweater and a bunch of food. For breakfast I mostly just have eggs and toast or cereal. I’ve had French toast a couple times too. After Walmart we came back to the apartment and washed our clothes….by hand. I miss washing machines (not that I ever used one). But it was a fun experience. We went to FHE at the casa de familia lulu. We had a lesson on the Holy Ghost and ate rice milk and pan (bread). I LOVE the pan here!! It’s so good and cheap. Me and my comp go there a lot but are trying to lessen the amount of time we go!
Tuesday we had brown water... so for an hour and a half we went on the roof and cleaned out the water tank with a broom, it was supper dirty, there was mud at the bottom of the tank but we got it clean. Now we have like a green-brown water problem. It’s barely noticeable but it’s definitely there. A member in the ward told us it’s a dead animal... we have checked but that will be project after we go to Walmart again.
Wednesday was hard. The language was killing me. Luckily I have a really awesome trainer (he kind of reminds me of Ty Brown because he’s just so chill and really funny (be sure to tell the Brown family that). He told me that I need to enjoy being bad at the language and enjoy the beginning of the mission because I only serve this kind of mission once. So I focused my thoughts along those lines this week and it was much better. Throughout the week I’ve seen how I’ve received blessings though obedience and hard work. It’s a true principle!! I could go on and on with a list of ways the Lord has blessed me and watched over me just this week! I’m so grateful, and have been able to recognize his hand in these things.
Thursday we went to a city called Comalapa because my trainer is the district leader and needed to interview some people for baptism. We made the 2 hr. drive in a 15 seater van.... it was uncomfortable! Comalapa is literally 10 min from the Guatemala boarder and super hot but very beautiful! Like a really hot comitan.
OK, now I want to tell you some crazy awesome things about this week. I saw 2 dead dogs in the road. I had this drink from one of our investigators that is basically fermented corn with the texture of vomit... it tastes the way it sounds. Max warned me about it. It was bad! I saw a crazy drunk guy without pants do summersaults across the road while singing a song in Spanish. I ate more pan (bread) because it’s awesome! I ate vulture. I had this tea called tea limon. It’s an herbal tea that all the members drink and it’s the bomb! It tastes like fruit loops!!! I gave a blessing of health to a sick member in the ward. It was hard because I don’t speak Spanish but it was a fantastic experience. And finally.... were baptizing this young man named Marcos this coming week! He’s really funny and really wants to be baptized! I’ll be sure to send you all pictures of him and his family next week. He has a nephew that reminds me so much of Malcom! He’s super cute and hilarious. He tries to talk to me but his vocab is more advanced than mine so our conversations are mostly si and no!

I can’t wait for conference! There’s a lot of gringos in this area so they might play it in English in one of the rooms. I’m praying they do. I am so dang excited for general conference. Think about it, a prophet of God is talking to us along with the apostles! You all better take notes! ha

I love you all so much! Thanks for the letters and stories. I pray for you all every day! I miss you a ton!

Love ya
Elder Hunt

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