Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Normal week?

I don’t think any week during this mission could ever be described as normal or that a "normal" week even exists.
Before I start let me tell you some general and random things. Spanish is HARD! I’m learning so much but there’s so much more I need to learn. It’s hard to understand the people and sometimes for them to understand me. Some of the other missionaries have said that I am learning the language faster than most but I don’t think so, I think they are just trying to encourage me. My trainer makes sure to speak to me in as much Spanish as possible and it helps me a ton.
This week I ate sea turtle eggs, a nasty shrimp and squid soup that looked really good but tasted nasty, and a giant hamburger at a member’s house. It wasn’t really a hamburger but it was really good. Some have asked how big Tonala is. It’s small and only has a branch of the Church here of about 70 or 80members.
Last p-day was great. We played futbol and it rained a lot. It’s rainy season right now and is starting to cool off and you know what comes after rainy season…. MANGO SEASON! Gosh I can’t wait. Apparently there’s like 40 different kinds of mangos and every single one is bien rico! Can’t wait for January. But then come March and April and Tonala will again live up to its full name and glory and will once again be the Land of the Sun. So I’m going to enjoy these cool and extremely wet days.
I had the opportunity to go to Tuxtla this week to get my green card. It was so nice! We got to president’s house and there was 15 boxes of Domino’s Pizza! I had 7 pieces. I’ve never eaten so much in my life! But the best thing was seeing all the elders from the MTC! We were all talking about the crazy things we’ve seen, eaten, and done and what our areas are like, and how the language is coming. It was just fantastic. Before we went home we went to the mall and definitely hit up that food court. Big Macs, Whoppers and soft serve ice cream. I missed it so much!
So all in all Tuxtla was amazing, but once I got home we got straight to work, we gave a less-active member a blessing and he had some specific things he wanted to be mentioned in the prayer, things I didn’t know how to address or even say, so before I gave him the blessing I said a little prayer, simply asking Heavenly Father that I could be led by spirit and know what to say and how to say it. It is quite an incredible experience to give a blessing and know exactly what to say but not know what you’re saying. The Spirit was strong during that blessing and was leading me with every word. It was an amazing experience. He came to church that Sunday with his son ( who’s an investigator) and they stayed the whole time.
Thursday morning we got a call that we're doing exchanges. I was to be with elder Gil for a day. Elder Gil is from Mexico and goes home in 2 transfers. He’s an awesome missionary! He’s so funny and reminds me a lot of Kelby. He and I got along super well for the 30 hours we worked together. It was nice to see another side of town and to visit some other members and people. Me and Elder Gil taught a great restoration lesson to a kid about 17 years old and found a bunch of people to teach. Too bad it was in Elder Gil’s area and not ours. Anyway we went back to our own areas and did the usual, then Sunday came. Gosh yesterday was so awesome! Before lunch we were trying to find a referral and asked this guy for directions. Five minutes later we were in his house and taught him a great lesson on the restoration. He was a little hesitant about things but he accepted our invitation to get baptized and read the Bok of Mormon. He’s kind of old and his name is Jose. I can’t wait to teach him again. After lunch we had an appointment with a young adult named Carlos. Carlos is a really big and jolly guy, give him 40 years and he’ll be the perfect Mexican Santa. He was so excited to talk with us and is very religious. When we taught him about the restoration everything made sense to him. He’s golden! We committed him to baptism and when we asked him he just said “well if what you’re telling me is really true then of course I’ll get baptized, why wouldn’t I" it was so perfect! I can’t wait to teach him again. The Lord prepares people, I know he does, and I know that Elder Reyes Leyva and I contacted some of those people this week. The Church is true, simple as that.
I love and miss you all so much! Thank you for the prayers I receive strength from them every day.
Elder Hunt

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