Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tonola is Hot!!!

Tonala is really hot!
I’m going to stray from writing chronologically this time and just tell you what happened this week. Tonala literally means land of the sun! Let me put it this way; I’m constantly wet. Not from rain or anything like that( it did rain this week really hard though, it was really nice and every road turned into a river) but I’m wet from SWEAT. It’s so hot that I sweat when I shower!
One thing about a mission, there is always something to write in your journal. Like the other day we made a contact on the street and we showed this man a picture of the temple and then he started going off about how true the Mormon Church is. Here’s this random guy basically bearing his testimony of the church. Come to find out he visited the Salt Lake City visitor center and loves the temples, so we asked him if he wanted to meet with us and learn more and talk more about it and he said no, he doesn’t have time. Then another guy we talked to was really drunk and said everyone on earth are aliens from other planets and that God is just a giant alien. He then started talking about how we can draw closer to god by eating fréjoles (beans), the guy was real weird.
I FINALLY PLAYED GUITAR!!!! We had to go to the church for a meeting and while we were waiting one of the youth had his guitar. It was amazing. I was so happy. I played I See Fire by Ed Sheeran, Hotel California, Haleluja, and some Led Zeplin. Gosh it was great, it felt so good.
My companion and I gave a man who was really sick a blessing this week too. My companion had a feeling we should visit him because he wasn’t at church on Sunday so we did. When he saw us he looked at us and said, "just what I need". It was a great experience. Sunday at Church was funny. No one plays the piano so we sing accapella and, not meaning to be rude, no one here can sing…. at all! You were right mom I wish I learned more hymns before I came out. You were right and I was wrong. But I would have you know that whenever me and my companion start a lesson we always start with a prayer AND a hymn. I like it a lot. So there’s something you can be proud of.
We’re teaching this kid named Japhet. I think I may have already told you about him. Anyway he knows so much and wants to get baptized but his mom says no. She said that he’s getting confirmed in the Catholic Church and there’s nothing he or we can do about it. When she said that I just wanted to go off on her... but I didn’t, partially because I couldn’t speak Spanish and partially because that would obviously not be a way to handle things, so me and Elder Reyes Leyva are praying hard for Japhet.
The food is getting better and better. I’m starting to really like it. Yesterday was fast Sunday a family we visited made a ton of food, we had fried ham, fish, corn tamale, deep fried cheese and a ton of beans. I ate it all and thought I was going to explode! We ate it all with tortillas. The way they eat here is with a fork in one hand and a tortilla in the other. I love it.
Here’s a parting thought….one of my favorite talks from conference was from President Uchtdorf in the Preisthood session. He talked about the example the 12 apostles set when they said " Lord is it I?" not "oh it’s probably him". Another talk I loved was the one from Elder Tad R. Callister. I can’t say it better than him... "I could never express enough gratitude for my main gospel teachers: my parents". Thanks for trying hard to raise me the right way mom and dad. You’re the best!
Well, that’s my week. I feel so rushed. I love you and miss you all a ton!
Elder Hunt

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