Sunday, October 12, 2014

Emergency Transfer

Yep... you read it right. Emergency transfer. This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life! Let me just start from the beginning.
MONDAY was p-day and we again went to Walmart. I had to stop at BK before we went back home. I got a whopper and it was amazing! We went straight to the church and played futbol rapido. It’s soccer but with a smaller ball and smaller court. Really fun.
TUESDAY was zone conference. We woke up at 5:00 and got to the bus station to go to San Cristobol! It was such a beautiful drive. San Cris is total jungle and absolutely beautiful. It was a tad chilly but it was so nice to be there. Zone conference was so great, Presidente George is an amazing man. He told us his rules for the mission are simple and at times a little laid back because he has a lot of trust in us. We better not disappoint him. I didn’t really understand a whole lot more than that because it was all in Spanish! We got back around 5:00 and met president at the church at 7:00 to interview one of our investigators. His name is Marcos. Marcos is a great kid but has had a rough life so president had to interview him. After the successful interview, president pulled me aside with Elder Shelley and asked if I wanted to go to the coast. I and my comp laughed but it was not a joke. An elder named Elder Ruiz has had some eye problems, so president needed me to switch with him. I didn’t know what to think. Elder Shelley and I were doing great and I was really liking the people and weather of Comitan, but I guess the Lord needs me in Tonala. So I told Pres. George “I’ll go if you need me". It was a really crazy day.
WEDNESDAY was a regular day. President George called us and gave us the schedule for the transfer, other than that it was a regular day of teaching and contacting.
THURSDAY we picked up elder Ruiz, and we were a trio that day, Elder Shelley, Elder Ruiz and I. Marcos got baptized that day and it was awesome, the spirit was so strong! Before he was baptized he asked me to play the piano for him so I did. I played the only song I know, Sweet Hour of Prayer, and the elders and sister missionaries sang it. It was awesome. It was a last minute thing but ran pretty smooth! We took pictures and said goodbye and that night at the apartment we ordered tacos for a little going away party for me! It was awesome and fun, just us 3 missionaries eating tacos and drinking soda but it was a party to me!
FRIDAY I woke up at 5:00for the transfer and left the bus station around 7:00. The big travel buses are really nice and they play movies, but here in Mexico they don’t have a movie rating system so a lot of the times they play rated R movies. Let’s just say I do a LOT of reading on the bus rides! My first stop was Tuxtla. From there I went straight to Tonala. It was another amazing and beautiful ride. It was about 2.5 hrs. from Tuxtla to Tonala. When I stepped off the bus the heat and humidity was like a slap in the face! My new trainer is Elder Reyes Leyva. He’s an American but is Hispanic which helps a lot with translation! He is really cool and has only been out for 9 months.
When I got off the bus he took me to our apartment. It’s 2 stories and has like 3 bathrooms and is hot as heck! But it is so nice!!!!!!! My comp informed me that this area hasn’t had missionaries for a long time and we’re opening it up again! So were doing a lot of contacting and a lot of trust building with the members. They must like him because it was his birthday Friday and he got 3 cakes and a pizza! We ate a lot that day.
WEEKEND was General Conference and I watched it in ENGLISH! I was so happy. We sat in a room at the church with AC and a flat screen TV and watched conference in English! I’m so glad I was able to understand it! There were so many great talks. I’ve never loved and been so excited for general conference!

Sunday after conference we went to lunch and I experienced a little miracle. Actually it might seem little to you but to me it was a mighty miracle. You remember that mole sauce I told you about and how gross it is. Not one missionary that I know of likes it because it really is pretty terrible. Well guess what was for lunch. You guessed it, Mole, and not just a little, they served up a whole lot of mole. Now I don’t want to offend these people because we are just opening up this area, so I know I need to eat it all. So I start praying….hard. And then the miracle happened. When I took my first bite I tasted....nothing. That’s right, I didn’t taste a thing. I took a drink of the horchata to make sure my tongue was still working and the horchata tasted like it usually does, sweet and full of flavor with a little cinnamon, but I couldn’t taste the mole at all. It was amazing, I finished the plate with ease! After that lunch appointment I asked my comp if the mole tasted any different to him. He said "nope, same ol’ mole." I said another prayer after that, thankful for the help I had received.
This week was so crazy and so much happened but it was one of my favorites. The Church is true. God loves us and if we need his help, he WILL give it to us. I love and miss you all so much. Thanks you for the letters and your prayers, they help me every day.
Elder Hunt

Marcos' baptism

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