Monday, January 19, 2015

Tonala is HOT!


So Tonala is getting hotter and hotter... I hoping I get transferred to San Cristobal or something soon because by March I’m going to be scorched. Anyway it was a pretty good week.
Lunes – we found a new investigator named Pablo. He’s 17 and awesome!!!! We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his atonement and he was so interested. We asked him to say the closing prayer and when he did he said "I’ve never felt so much peace and warmth in my heart for all my 17 years" IT WAS AMAZING! So yea, it was a great P-Day.
Martes – after Reunion de Lideres, Elder Garcia (one of our zone leaders) spent the day with us and he, like elder Jimenez is awesome! We did a ton of contacting and we found a new investigator named Josafat. He’s also a teenager and he’s the first person we taught that doesn’t believe in God. It was a very interesting conversation but he wants to know if God is real. He says he prays but just doesn’t know if anyone is hearing his prayers. He’s a good kid and I hope we can help him see that God is in fact real.
Miercoles – we ended our trio and had Kentucky Fried Chicken for Lunch!!!!!!... well it was close enough, ha. It was from a place called Happy Chicken and it was pretty good. We had a hard time finding people because it was New Year’s Eve but we had dinner at the house of Familia Trujillo. They are an awesome family and we ate some great food! We left around 9:00 and started running home because we were pretty far. By9:20 we were almost home and my companion realized he forgot the keys... so we ran back got the keys and ran back home and got home at 9:35. I was so tired! I haven’t ran for 3 months!!!
Jueves – was New Year’s Day and there was literally NO ONE in the streets. It was insane we did hardly any contacting and teaching that day because everyone was gone! About half of our contacts were drunk so that made for some fun conversations!
The rest of the week was a lot of contacting and teaching and finding referrals! Church was great. We have it at 12:00 now and Josafat came to church! He loved it and has a lot of friends in the youth. It was pretty great. We taught Jafet after church too. It was the first time we taught him that week... we stopped by every day but he was never there. It’s hard but we’re still praying for him and his mom.
Anyway thanks for your letters and prayers I love and miss you all so much and can’t wait to hear from you next week. Nos Vemos!
Elder Hunt

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