Thursday, March 12, 2015

Elder Oaks

This week was one of the best of my mission. I’m just going to touch on the highlights it that’s alright.
Wednesday we went to Oaxaca (the neighboring state that’s still part of our mission) and we had a multi zone activity. It was so legit! We all piled into the back of some pick-up trucks like a bunch of Mexicans . . . . oh wait a minute, we are a bunch of Mexicans . . . . and drove to the ranch of one of the branch presidents. His ranch is right on the ocean. It was so cool! We all got our feet wet, played football, and got extremely sunburned. Sorry mom, I forgot to bring the sunblock, but don’t worry I’m ok, just super black. It was so nice to be together with all the other missionaries. We made it home at about 9:00 PM. It was a tiring day.
Friday we had a noche de peliculas (movie night) at the church and it was a pretty good turnout. There were about 50 people... sadly only 5 of them were investigators but it was still fun! Then Saturday came and it was so awesome. Ready?
We woke up at 5:00 to be in Tuxtla by 8:30. We piled everyone from the zone into a combi and took off at around 7:00. The combi had 15 seats. There are 20 missionaries in the zone. But it’s Mexico, so we shoved everyone in the combie and off we went. Super fun. We got to the church said our hellos to the other missionaries and waited for the apostle of the Lord, Elder Oaks, to show up. He arrived at the church at about9:00 and when he entered the room, every one of us received a witness from the Holy Ghost that he is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t know how to explain it, but when he entered the room you could just feel it. It brought tears to my eyes.
When he spoke to us, he didn’t have anything prepared, he just followed the Spirit, it was amazing, he said so many great things, and I want to tell you everything, but I’ll just mention the part that I know was meant for me. He said this, and I absolutely loved it: "The Lord will not measure your success by the exercise of someone else’s agency. He will measure your success by the exercise of YOUR agency." It has been a hard 6 months for me. We haven’t had one baptism. Very few of our investigators come to church, sometimes my companion and I don’t really see eye to eye. These past 6 months have been for me a period of purifying and "mountain climbing". I believe the lord gives us mountains to climb so we can become stronger spiritually, so that we can have more faith, so we can trust him more. It’s been hard to not be having much success, but according to Elder Oaks I have been successful because I have tried my hardest, I can honestly say that. This little principle that he taught has changed my perspective on my mission and my life. I know this Church is true. I know God calls Prophets and Apostles in these latter days and thankfully I had the opportunity to hear and see and shake hands with one of them. Jesus is the Christ, God loves us, and I am proud to serve Him on my mission.

After hearing from Elder Oaks we went over to another church building and watched Meet the Mormons" in Spanish. Great movie. If you haven’t seen it, watch it! We hit that American fast food before we came home and got to Tonala at about 9:00. It was a great day.
Sunday night we got the news that I’m being transferred! IM GOIN TO TAPACHULA IZAPA!!!!!! There are tons of pyramids there and a rock that has the Vision of the Tree of Life from the Book of Mormon inscribed on it. I’m stoked!
Love and miss you all so much and can’t wait to hear from you all next week!
Elder Hunt


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