Thursday, March 12, 2015


Tapachula is so dang awesome! So let me explain the area.
It’s hot. Like really hot! I’m in a community just outside of the main city of Tapachula called Framboyanes and its great! My comp is Elder Lopez and he is an awesome missionary. I can’t wait to serve more with him. He’s from Mexico City and he’s been out about 1 yr. and 6 mo. A couple of years ago there was a really big flood and washed away about half of our area. There used to be a ton of members here but half of their homes washed away in the flood so basically there is about 50 active members here and a whole lot of work to do. The church building is really nice and pretty big. We also have a Walmart about 20 min away so I’m super stoked about that.

So that’s our area, now about the week . . . .
Monday night I said all the goodbyes to the amazing members and our great investigators, it was hard to say goodbye to some of them, I’m going to miss them a lot.
Tuesday I got up early and took the 5 hr. bus ride from Tonala to Tapachula. When we got to the apartment, I did a tiny bit of unpacking and then we got to work. Our first stop was an investigator named Choncita. She’s really nice and is like 70 years old. She loves our message but she doesn’t really understand the significance of it I think. We’re working hard with her. We stopped by to see a recent convert named Moises (Moses) and he’s so awesome!!! He’s 15 years old and loves the gospel and loves working with us. He accompanied us with some of our lessons this week and he’s got a great testimony.
Wednesday we had district meeting and it was really great to meet all the missionaries, we’ve got a great zone and district. Later we stopped at a less-active member’s house and as we were teaching her about the sacrament, her little 3 year old kid came in the room and said "mom I have to poop" she told him to wait after the lesson but he couldn’t hold it I guess because he did it right in front of us! It was so funny/disgusting but me and my comp were trying not to laugh as the mom was yelling at her kid . . . . just a random story from the mission field for you all.
Friday we were teaching Choncita about the Word of Wisdom and her husband came in and started yelling at us about how not being able to drink coffee is dumb and how we don’t know what we’re talking about. Then their son came in and started defending us and it turned into a pretty heated discussion. Then we bore our testimony and things calmed down really quick. Never underestimate the power of testimony, because of our testimony, the dad calmed down and gave us some beans and rice . . . . I guess that means things are good between us. Anyway it was an interesting night.
Saturday we went to a city called Huixtla to give an interview. It was fun to talk with the members there and be with the other missionarioes. When we got back we stopped by the house of a less active woman and she was a little hesitant to let us in, but then some kids started to throw rocks at us ( I knew missions were tough but I never thought I would be stoned on my mission) so the mom yelled at the kids and let us in the house. Kind of glad we got hit by those rocks because we got to give a great lesson to her.
Sunday church is at 8:00 in the morning but it’s all good because that means we have more time to get out there and teach! It was a great and busy week, I’m still new so I don’t know everyone’s name but basically if you can, pray for these investigators: Ingrid, Choncita, Alejandra, Maria, and Eric.
Sorry it was a quick letter, so much happened this week but so little time to explain it all.
Love and miss you all tons.
Elder Hunt


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