Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's really HOT!!!!

Yeah... it’s really hot! Everyone here keeps saying it’s going to get hotter and hotter.... why Tonala?! But before I forget, I ate fried fish egg sack this week. Part of me wanted to take a picture but the other part didn’t want to have photo evidence of the awfulness of what I ate. But yeah things are great.
We’ve been really trying to work with the members and less-actives this week. One of the goals for the mission is to have 5 people go to the temple to do the ordinances for their own family members, so we’ve been trying to get them excited for that.
The highlight of this week was our companion exchanges. I went to Ariaga with one of our zone leaders, Elder Aviles! It was really awesome! Their house is so nice! THEY HAVE AC! Basically I had the best night’s sleep since I got to Tonala. It was a great experience working with Elder Aviles. We worked really hard and there wasn’t an hour that went by that we weren’t teaching. We taught and contacted and taught and contacted all day long. We were pooped when we got home... so….we ordered a pizza! Sadly, it tasted like cardboard. Oh Mexico... gotta love it.

One of the great experiences we had was teaching their landlord’s wife. She wants so bad to be a part of this gospel but her husband isn’t very fond of the idea. We taught her the restoration and when she closed the prayer, she was crying. We testified of the spirit and knew that she knows it is true.

We walked about 1.5 or 2 km to a lunch appointment and had to cross a river. It was so legit! I felt like Indiana Jones or something, especially when we arrived and they told us we were eating iguana!!!!!!! Sadly, and I don’t know why, we just ate chicken, but I got pictures of him frying up the iguana. It was awesome. Anyway, we ended our exchanges and went home to teach Josefat. He’s really struggling. We’re praying so hard for him and working really hard with him. I can’t tell you the things he’s done but please pray for him, that he can gain a testimony. He’s reading the Book of Mormon, he’s coming to church, but Satan is really working on him. I know that eventually he will accept our message, but it will just take some prayer and fasting.
I love you all so much and sorry if this letter is short I just run out of time so quickly.
Love and miss you tons!!!
Elder Hunt
p.s.... I have some fantastic news! This Saturday were having a special mission conference in Tuxtla... Elder Oaks is coming!!!!! I can’t wait! Wow the next letter is going to be crazy! Love ya.

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