Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Semana Loca y El Bantizmo

What a great week. I will lightly touch on the things throughout the week and focus mostly on what happened Saturday.
Monday we went to the beach. We were in the middle of companion study when the Zone Leaders called us and asked if we wanted to go to the beach... HECK YEAH WE WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH! It was a super fun day with awesome pictures, sea turtles, puffer fish, and some sun burns. but its all good because I've got a nice tan now. The problem is it's just on my face and arms but hey, that's the missionary life.
Tuesday we got our house sprayed for some weird sickness that's going through Tonala called Chingunkuya or something like that. We found a less active woman and her family that haven't seen the missionaries for 15 years, her name is Daisy. We ended our night teaching Josephat and it was really great, he wants to get baptized so bad but he will need an interview with president, so were praying and working hard with him.
Wednesday and Thursday was just normal days contacting and finding people to teach and teaching some of the investigators and less actives.
Friday was insane. We ate at one of the sister's house for Valentines Day (even though it was the day before). All the missionaries were there. Then I did some baptismal interviews. The sister missionaries in our ward had 3 people ready for baptism. Navani who's 9, and a young couple, Ciro and Karina. So after lunch we went over to the house of Navani. He's such a great kid. His mom is less active and his dad is not a member, he's such a cute little guy! After the interview and talking with his family he asked me if I could baptize him. It was a sweet moment and of course I said I would. Afterward I talked with Ciro and Karina. One of the great blessing of being a district leader is interviewing these people and seeing the change in their lives. I get to hear of their past life and see the difference the gospel has made in their lives now. I am sensitive to the importance of these interviews. I know it's only through the the Spirit that I can feel that an investigator is ready for baptism.
Saturday was the big day for the sister missionaries. And for us too because we went on exchanges with the other elders. Elder Gillingwater spent some time with me and he's a great kid. He struggles with Spanish but he has the spirit with him. It was so great to work with him. Then it came time for the baptism. it was such an incredible experience for everyone. There was a really big turnout, we had about 50 or 60 people there and the baptisms were so great. After I baptized Navani he said "Tengo frio... pero soy LIMPIO" I'm cold but I'm clean. I talked with Ciro after the baptism and asked how he felt, he just smiled, took a deep breath in and out and said "perfecto". Such a great day. Although my companion and I haven't had a baptism yet, it was incredible to take part in the baptism of these people. It was such a great day, with lots of cake and pictures.

That was just about the week and it was so incredible. Thank you for all the letters and updates. I miss you and pray for you every day. Until next week.

Elder Hunt

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