Sunday, July 12, 2015

Exchanges, The Book of Mormon

So pretty good week. I don’t have a whole ton of time so it’s going to have to be short.
Jonathan is making a lot of progress!!!! seriously he’s so dang awesome! He came to church with us yesterday and he loved it. He wants to be baptized so we set a date for the 1st of August and he accepted! He wants so bad to change his life and he recognizes what he needs to do, but he’s having a really hard time setting aside the drugs and cigarettes. We gave him a blessing yesterday and he wouldn’t stop thanking us. He was so happy and just wouldn’t stop thanking us.
This week, we did a little challenge in the district. We went all week walking around with a Book of Mormon in our hand and used it as we talked with people. I’ll just share one of the miracles. . . . We found a kid on his phone and started talking with him about the Book of Mormon. He was super interested and kept asking us question after question, at the end he told us that he is a Jehovah Witness! We were super surprised because usually all the JWs want to do is attack us. His name is Daniel and he’s a great guy. We’ll be stopping by his house Tuesday to talk with him about the Book of Mormon more.
We went on exchanges this week and I went to Huixtla with Elder Weaver! What a cool guy. It was super fun and I slept with AC!!!!! They were going to have 2 baptisms but I could only clear 1 in the interview. She needs an interview with President, but she’s a great lady so she’ll be fine.
Sadly this week Choncita and her family didn’t come to church but they’re doing fine and learning a lot!
Sorry it’s a short letter. Pray for Daniel ( the JW), Jonathan (so he can stop smoking and stuff) and Choncita, Jaime, Alex, and Dania (so they can get MARRIED!!!!!!)
Love and miss ya all tons, you’re great!
Elder Hunt
Drunk Guy Quote of the Week -
"Look guys, were not stealing... were just taking pretty things that don’t belong to us so we can feed our families" - Drunk Guy #274

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