Sunday, July 12, 2015

Good week, bad week

Yeah, that happen sometimes. This week was a little difficult.

Jonathan moved. He didn’t even tell us. But to be honest, it’s a good thing for him to move. His land lady told us he went to find work so he can start to support himself and his family. He left Wednesday. The last prayer he said with us was really epic, I’ll just share some of what he said:
"... and thanks for sending the Elders to me. I’m glad they don’t ever give up on me. It’s awesome, that nothing stops them, not even the rain. It’s great." I’m going to miss him, but I’ve got to look on the bright side of things, now he can get work and start turning his life around. We did our part by planting those gospel seeds.
We also went to the hospital to give a blessing to the brother of the Relief Society president. Let’s just say I’m really grateful I was born in America. The hospital was so disorganized and when we walked in you could smell that it wasn’t very sanitary. It was really sad to see the chaos with beds everywhere and so many sad people. We were able to give the man a blessing and it went well. After the blessing we asked the man how he felt and he said . . . "well, now I feel fine!" Priesthood power, it’s real.
I was privileged to give a baptismal interview and attend the baptism of Idolina a 60 year old lady who loves the gospel. Her daughter was baptized in February and she got baptized this week. It was a spiritual experience with the spirit being there so strong!! And guess who came to the baptism with us.... CHONCITA, JAIME, ALEX, and DANIA! They loved it!
Saturday me and my district cleaned a walkway (minus Huixtla. they live forever far away). It went really great. Two hours of sweeping and picking up nasty trash, but it was sure fun!
It was kind of a rough week because the ward is really struggling. I don’t want to talk bad about it so I’m just going to leave it at that and say that if it doesn’t improve anytime soon, there won’t be a Famboyanes ward... it’s sad to say but that’s the situation.
On other thing . . . I’M GETTTING TRANSFERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to Frontera Comalapa! I’m so stoked! It’s in the Comitan zone... the same zone where I started my mission!!!!!!!!!! F. Comalapa is super far from Comitan , my first area, like 2 hours in a combi! It’s a little warmer of an area than Comitan was but not anything like Tapachula! Should be nice for a cool down. Anyway that’s what’s happing. So tomorrow I take the 12 hour bus ride to Comalapa! WOOHOOO!
Love and miss you all tons. Have a fantastic week
AND FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS LINCOLN! love ya man! Hope it was a blast and write and tell me what you got!
Elder Hunt

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