Sunday, October 18, 2015

Good week and random week

It was a good week and very random. So, remember my toenail . . . . it got ingrown again so we went to the doctor and he numbed the sucker and took out the ingrown piece. It was quite painful but I’m ok!!! So after that experience on Tuesday we were in the house for a couple of days on doctor’s orders and couldn’t work at all. It was a bummer but now I’m totally ok. So mom don’t worry! My toe is totally enjoying being in a shoe comfortably now. I repeat. I’m OK!!!!!
So here is what happened this week . . . .
We worked with Rosa to get her ready for her baptism in two weeks. She accepted the word of wisdom easily and basically is already livings it, so that was great.
We met a guy names Josue. HES AWESOME! We contacted him yesterday and he told us "yeah, you guys can definitely stop by my house. I don’t know why, but you guys seem different. I feel peace when you guys talk to me." So we’re totally visiting him this week!
We helped a less active member get excited to come back to church. Her name is Blanca. She’s gone through some rough things recently but is ready to come back into the gospel.
Sunday was the best day this week. We went to San Cristobal for the temple dedication of the Mexico City temple. It was an incredible experience! So amazing! Pres. Eyring and Elder Holland spoke. Their words and testimonies were inspiring, especially when Elder Holland bore his testimony in Spanish. I’m pretty sure everyone there was crying. It was so awesome! It made me really excited to go to the temple. I’m hoping after I finish here in Comalapa, that I’ll be able to serve some time in Tuxtla so I can go to the temple there.
Sorry, that’s all the time I have for today because we went to some lakes called Los Lagos de Colon. And no, it has nothing to do with the body part! Ha! Anyway it was very beautiful and so fun. We went with the zone leaders and some members from Comitan. There was a pyramid there too and I’ll be sure to send all the pictures next week.
Love and miss you all tons. Thanks for the letters!
Love ya.
Elder Hunt

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