Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rosa's baptism...BEST WEEK EVER!

My dearest family,

This was the best week EVER! I just want to skip right to the baptism but I’ll save that for the end.
So last Monday, we went to Rosa’s house to teach her and to ask the big question . . . Who do you want to baptize you? So after the lesson we asked her and she asked me to do it. I really thought she might ask Elder Ramos because my companion is so awesome and it honestly didn’t matter a whole lot to me. Of course I was honored that she asked me but my focus wasn’t on who was going to baptize her, it was just getting her baptized so she could make that wonderful covenant with our Heavenly Father.
We went to visit Jose and Isis this week and talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. We taught that the ONLY way they can know if our message is true it by reading and praying about the book of Mormon. Isis was pretty excited for it, but Jose was a little reluctant. We think he’s just kind of going with the flow to make his wife happy, but we’re working on him.
Thursday we went to visit Lorena and read with her from the Book of Mormon. She loves reading it and loves talking with us, but doesn’t understand everything. So were helping her with that by reading with her.
Friday we finally contacted a less active member named Margot. We dropped by several times recently, but she’s never been home... FINALLY we got to talk with her and her non-member husband. It was great! They were so excited to see us. They were showing us all their trees and fruit and telling us about all their problems... they really want help and my companion and I were thankful that they trusted us enough to tell us about their life.
Finally Saturday came. At8:00 in the morning we went across the street to the church to fill up the baptismal font. It was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. After we got everything set up for General Conference and the baptism, we called and texted everyone we could think of to come and attend conference. We went over to one part member and less active family named Marvin and Eva (I think I told you guys about them a while back) we invited them to conference and they were so excited!
Conference was a great success, not only were there amazing talks given and not only was it incredible to see 3 new apostles called, but we were able to have 6 investigators come to church and 3 less active families! For our little branch that was exciting! Then came the baptism. The Spirit was so strong. We didn’t have a ton of members attend, but everyone was so happy. After pictures and the opening program, we had the baptismal ordinance. I entered the water first and then Rosa followed after me. She couldn’t hold back the tears. When she came out you could just feel the cleanliness. She just stood there in the water crying and saying "thank you God, thank you." After we changed clothes and ended the baptismal service I asked her "Rosa, how do you feel?" she said "Magnifica!!!! Siento Magnifica y limpia" (magnificent and clean). And you could see it on her face. She was smiling ear to ear! And so was elder Ramos and I.
Family, the church is true. There is no other way to salvation but by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s how it’s always been and how it will always be. I know God answers prayers . . . even though it took a year of praying and fasting, I know that a year’s wait was the best timing that God had planned for me. I love you and miss you all tons! Thanks for the letters and prayers!
Elder Hunt

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