Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pre baptism week #2

OK... Rosa is going to get baptized THISWeekend! President came down on Thursday and interviewed her and told us October 3rd! We’re very excited and she is very ready for her baptism! After the interview, President George took us out for tacos. So let’s just say Thursday was a great day. We’ve been working a lot with Rosa and she’s really moving along great! We have just about all the lessons completed and now it’s just words of encouragement to keep her motivated for her baptism. It’s incredible to see the blessings of the gospel coming into the lives of others. Just to know that her past life will be not just forgotten but exchanged for another perfect NEW one is so great to see. Please pray for her so that she can make this covenant with our Father in Heaven this weekend. Satan is going to be working hard on her, but our prayers and faith are stronger than him.
Lorena is loving the Book of Mormon and reading it every day. It’s hard for her to come to church because she lives so far away. We talk to her at her work, but we're praying that this weekend will be easier for her since it is general conference.
We found a new family this week; Jose and Isis from Honduras. They’re awesome! When we taught the Restoration to them the spirit was so strong! It was incredible. They understand the Restoration really well and are willing to pray to know if it’s true. We know the Lord will answer their prayers.
We taught some English classes this week too. It was ok I guess. I have no idea how to teach English but we tried it out. We’re thinking about maybe doing an advanced group and a beginners group because there were people who came who know no English at all and others who already know a bit and want to get better. My comp is real good at English so that’s probably what we’re going to try this next week.
Well family, I’m out of time, but I love and miss you all so, so, so much and I’m loving the letters and pictures I’m getting, keep ‘em coming! Sorry this was a short letter. I know next week will be a LOT more eventful! you’re the best!
Elder Hunt

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