Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pre baptism week

Rosa is going to be baptized this Saturday! We and she are so excited . . . . and nervous. We had a lesson with her this week and she revealed to us some information that will require her to have an interview with President George. He’s 75% sure he can come down this week but not completely sure, so we're praying a lot and we fasted this week. We know that if it’s the Lord’s will, it will be done. She is doing fantastic. She’s coming to church and really progressing well. She’s so ready for her baptism.
This week it also rained A LOT! and it’s still raining, which totally stinks because all the clothes that I washed today are still going to be soaked for like 4 days! but I’m thankful for the cool!
This week we found a less active member named Marvin. He’s about 30 and has a little boy. He loves the church but hasn’t attended for like 15 years. He wants to go back so bad but the“natural man” inside won’t let him. We had a great lesson with him and at the end sang, Abide With Me Tis Eventide. He was crying and kept saying "thank you, thank you". It felt good to find him and help him and show his wife that the Mormons aren’t all that crazy (she’s Baptist and has a lot of ideas about us).
We met with Josue and it went pretty good. He loves listening to us, but I don’t think he really understands what we do as missionaries. I think he’s looking more for an inspirational message, not a life change. We’ll still work with him and pray that he’ll be able to see the importance of what we do.
This week we’ve also been working with a new lady named Lora. She sells furniture and is about 40 years old. She’s a little round lady with a big smile. She loves the message of the Restoration and loves reading, so the Book of Mormon is a pretty nice thing for her! We’ll be stopping by to see her tomorrow to see how she’s doing on the reading, I’m sure she’ll be great.
So that was this week and next week is shaping up to be awesome! We’re so excited and can’t wait to see the hand of the Lord in this work.
Love and miss you all tons! Can’t wait to hear about your lives every week!
Love ya!
Elder Hunt

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