Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Freddy's baptism!


So, quickly, the highlights of the week . . . . 

It rained a TON! It was insane how much it rained! I think every day we came into the house soaked! But thankfully we haven’t been sick at all.

We found a new investigator named Alfredo. He’s the son of a recent convert. We taught him the restoration and it was such a powerful lesson! The spirit testified of our words and he asked the perfect questions. Questions like why are there so many churches and how can I know which church is true? It was great.

We’re also working with a part member family, Selene and her boyfriend Luis. They want to get married and he wants to get baptized but it’s a complicated situation because her last husband was military and they have some sort of health care thing which they need for their daughter and if they get married they won’t have it anymore. I just want them to get married because I know if they keep the commandments, God will bless them! Anyway, were working on it.

The best part of the week was with Freddy’s baptism. He’s such a great guy who has gone through a lot of trials and persecution for joining the church but he was so ready and has made a huge change in his life!

So Saturday morning we went over to the church to turn on the font and as we turned on the hot water faucet the handle blew off the wall from the water pressure! It was crazy! We took a video of me trying to put it back on. I’ll have to send you all the pictures and stuff next week because this cyber doesn’t read my memory card.

Anyway, other than that little fiasco Freddy's baptism was awesome! When he went down into the water the room was filled with the Spirit and you could almost feel it as his sins were washed away. When he came to church he was a new person! A huge smile on his face. He just looked different!

It was a fantastic week. Sure love being a missionary. Transfers are next week, I hope Elder de Jesus doesn’t leave, I sure love working with him, I want him to "kill me off." Ha!

Love and miss you all tons!

Elder Hunt

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