Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rain and exchanges

This week was a little bit better week as far as work goes. My companion got a bit sick again so we had one day in the house, but he got some shots in the rear and that took care of things. (I don’t ever remember having to do that in the states but here in Mexico if someone’s sick and they want to get better they just get shots in the bum and it solves the whole problem!) It also rained like crazy!!!! I LOVE IT!!! After a cold day out doing missionary work it great to come home, take a hot shower and just snuggle in the covers!

We met with a new investigator named Antonio Hernandez and his wife Rosa. Antonio comes to church every week and is so awesome, but we never have been able to visit him. We sometimes set up  an appointment and then something happens like a sick companion or a meeting in Tuxtla so it always falls through, but this Tuesday we finally got to go to his house. What a humbling experience. He and his spouse and his 3 children live in a little house that’s probably 10 feet by 10 feet. They have basically nothing. They’re from the mountains of Chiapas and speak a dialect called Tzotzil. They speak ok Spanish but sometimes it’s hard to know what they’re trying to say. They seem interested and act like they want to learn more, but right now only Antonio comes to church though. I really want to learn tzotzil though and another dialect called tseltal.

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the district leader and his companion from district Huitepec. It was awesome. I went to the area of huitepec with Elder Luna, the district leader. We had a lunch appointment at "Yoi Sushi". It was AMAZING!!!! Who would have thought that I would eat my first sushi in Chiapas Mexico?

On Friday we had to go to a city called Ocosingo to do exchanges and a baptismal interview. It was so cool. Ocosingo is jungly and reminds me a lot of comalapa so it was nice to work over there with the elders. They’re going to have another baptism next week so were going to go back. I’ll try to take pictures.

Freddy is doing great and he’s getting ready for his baptism. We had an amazing lesson with him on Sunday. He’s been having a lot of trials with his ex-wife and friends and family who aren’t really supportive, but he’s determined to get baptized. We had to put his baptismal date back a week for some problems he’s had, but he’s determined to work hard for his baptismal date. We gave him a blessing to resist temptation and be able to have the courage to stand up for what he’s been learning, a very spirit filled lesson, so now he has the baptismal date for the 4th of June.

Anyway, that was my week over here in San Cristobal with Elder De Jesus. It’s been hard sometimes as a zone leader because of all the meetings and conferences and interviews and exchanges so we don’t have much time to work in our own area but I know that the Lord wants me here doing what I’m doing – Inviting others to come unto Christ.

Love you all so much. I know this church is the same church that Christ organized when he was on the earth and that it’s been restored.


Elder Hunt

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