Friday, May 8, 2015

Elder Gonzalez

Querida familia, esta semana fue BIEN loco.
Tuesday Elder Lopez and I said our goodbyes, it was sad, he was such a great companion, but he’s in Chauites now. Chauites is our little portion of Oaxaca that is in our mission. Anyway my new companion is . . . . ELDER GONZALEZ! And he’s awesome! He’s from Chicago and he speaks perfect English and Spanish. He’s a great guy and a hard worker. After I picked him up at the bus station, we dropped his stuff off and got to work. It was awesome working with him. We were contacting like crazy and teaching everyone.
Half of our district got transferred too so Wednesday we had our district meeting and let’s just say District Framboyanes is still the best district in the world! Ha seriously, it’s fun being district leader . . . . hard at times but fun.
Thursday we taught Choncita and we had planned to teach her about tithing, but when we got to her house it just didn’t feel right, so I prayed in my heart what I should do. Then the spirit told me to start asking her some of the baptismal questions. I did, and when I asked if she believes Joseph Smith restored the church of Jesus Christ to the earth she said, "What does restored mean?" Basically she had completely forgotten about the restoration and so we had to tell her all over again about Joseph Smith. I’m thankful that the Holy Ghost can give us those promptings to help the investigators. If I hadn’t prayed, we would have taught her something that would have not helped her in any way receive a testimony and strengthen faith.
Friday and Saturday were... INSANE! We brought an older lady in our ward to Choncita’s house to be her friend and help us teach. Her name is Emma. Wow they are perfect for each other. Just imagine 2 old ladies gossiping and talking about what kind of medicine they use to balance their blood pressure. It was so great.
We finally found Alan again; he’s been working a lot so that’s why we haven’t been able to see him recently. After we taught Alan, we were trying to find someone to teach and a young woman passed us on the street and said "are you guys missionaries?" we were like "YEAH WE’RE MISSIONARIES" then she sighed and said "Finally!" She had moved from san Cristobel to Tapachula and had been looking for the church for over a month and finally she found us. Her name is Fabiola and we gave her the direction to the church and everything and it was a great experience.

Then we went over to Ingrid’s house, it was really sad, we were talking with her and then out of nowhere her mom comes and starts yelling at us about how coffee isn’t bad for the body and how God loves all his children so it doesn’t matter what church you belong to, it was just bad. All we could do was bear our testimonies. After we did the mom left and we got talking with Ingrid again and basically Ingrid told us she doesn’t believe in anything we’ve been teaching her and she doesn’t want to be baptized. It was really sad. We told her to pray and read the book of Mormon and then we left. It was so disappointing but our hearts were lifted when we contacted a referral from some other missionaries. We found Nicolas. What a guy! Seriously he is golden. When we showed up at his house, he was so excited and had so many questions for us, it was great. He said yes to baptism and I feel like we’re going to be hearing from him a lot more.
Sunday, unfortunately was kind of terrible. No one came to church and both my comp and I got super sick (Don’t worry mom I feel fine now). I was able to see the hand of the Lord a LOT this week. The Church is true.
Love and miss you all a tons and can’t wait for Mother’s Day.
Elder hunt

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