Thursday, May 28, 2015

He will answer

Que tal familia!

So this week was pretty good. Definitely better than last week! So I’ve been praying a lot for a baptism because well... I haven’t had one. And the Lord answered my prayers. Not in the way I was expecting, but he answered it. The daughter of a single sister in the ward was getting baptized. When we went over to their house last week to teach a lesson, she asked me if I would baptize her daughter Cristina! So Monday we had a baptism and it was a beautiful experience! Super great. And I think the Lord was trying to tell me something. 1) Be more specific in prayers and 2) baptisms are great... but they’re not the most important thing in the mission. I’ve been so worried about having a baptism and think that thought sometimes gets in the way of the importance of the true work of missionary work. Baptisms are important, but what matters most is that I put in my full effort not how many baptisms I have. Just something I think the Lord was trying to tell me in a mysterious way.
The rest of the week was great:
We got medicine for our stomach problems and went on splits with some of the members, ate some amazing quesadillas and President George came over again! It was great hearing from him, like always. He talked about how important the members are and how we need to work with them to find people and strengthen the ward. How we need to focus on the needs of our ward. Our ward has a ton of less actives so I think we’re going to change gears and start working a whole lot more with the less actives. Also this week, there was a TON of rain! One day we were walking to a lesson and I said to my companion as I looked up in the sky... "elder... something bad is going to happen" BOOM! Lightning thunder and rain! Oh Tapachula. I hate your bi-polarness of cool rain and hot as heck sun. We also went on exchanges this week with the Zone leaders. Super fun. We got some great and funny zone leaders! I was with Elder Luna this time. It was great. Also this week, we found a new investigator named Araseli. I don’t know if I told you about her last week. She talked with the missionaries before but wants to know more, so we went over there a couple times this week. I invited her to be baptized and she said yes so I hope everything works out.
Now for a crazy story . . . . so last week we contacted these 2 people and they said we could stop by Sunday. So yesterday we went by. They weren’t home but the mom an

d sister were there. We basically listened to the mom go on about how the daughter (the one in that was with her in the house) is mentally ill and makes up random stories and tries to do crazy things. Then we heard the daughter go off about how she’s fallen from a 25ft cliff and lived and how she got hit by a train and a bunch of wired stories. Anyway all we could do was bear our testimony of the gospel and tell how it blesses families and leave. So we did, and as we said goodbye and began to leave, the crazy daughter tried to kiss my companion! Luckily nothing happened. All he did was say "sorry we can’t" and pushed her away. And then she started toward me! So I put my chair in front of me and said, "Thanks for your time, see ya later . . . . maybe," and we booked it out of there. Luckily nothing happened but it was a really weird experience. I don’t think we’re going to go back there any time soon! Oh the life of a missionary! ha
So that just about sums up the week. Can’t wait to talk with you Sunday. Love and miss ya tons and thanks for the letters you’re all great!
Elder Hunt

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