Saturday, August 22, 2015

3 Maravillas

First of all, HUGE shout out to the best dad ever for his birthday and also, LaRea and Lincoln . . . . have fun at school!
Week 4 in Comalapa was awesome and crazy! Right now I’m in Comitan because I have a doctor’s appointment for an ingrown toenail (I’ve been walking around in flip flops for 3 days with no socks . . . . doctors’ orders) but we enjoyed our P day by walking around and buying stuff from Chiapas and taking pictures. Anyway . . . .
This week we went to a little community called 3 Maravillas. It’s about 10 min outside of Comalapa and it was great to talk to the people over there. None of them have ever seen missionaries (let alone a 6 foot gringo) and so they were interested to hear us. Our biggest success over there was a man named Fransisco. He’s about 30 years old, hasn’t gone to church in forever and wanted to know how to come closer to God. So we talked about the restoration and taught that partaking of covenants like baptism by someone who has authority from God is how we can come closer to God. It went well. The Spirit was strong and he said yes to baptism and we set up another appointment with him. Unfortunately, we were unable to see him again this week because we had exchanges with the Zone leaders, but Wednesday well be sure to go over there again and probably be visiting 3 Maravillas more often.
We also found another new investigator. Rosa, the mother of the recent convert named Milton. I thought she had probably listened to the missionaries who had taught Milton, but one day she sat in on the lesson with Milton and Nancy and she wanted to know more. She said yes to baptism and we’ll be working a lot with her over these next couple weeks.
I went to Comitan this week for the exchanges and guess what . . . . It’s the same ward that I started my mission in!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome to talk to some of the members and I was surprised to find out that many still know me! I was with Elder Reyes and wow he’s a hard worker! It was so fun! We were talking with everyone and teaching everyone we could! One investigator we stopped by has been listening to the missionaries for 3 years and for some reason hasn’t ever accepted baptism. So we got talking with her and we had a great Spirit filled lesson and I don’t know how nor do I have the time to explain, but she said yes to baptism!!!!!! Shows just what the Spirit can do! It was so great to work with Elder Reyes and to work with the spirit even though it wasn’t my area. We celebrated our successful day with tacos.
So those were the highlights of the week. Sadly, none of our other investigators came to church, other than Milton’s mom (WOOHOO) but it was a good and busy week and fun to work! I love being a missionary even though it’s hard as heck. Love and miss you all tons!
Elder Hunt

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