Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week two in Comalapa

It was a fun and exciting week down here! It was super hot at times but then super rainy at others! On Saturday, it was so rainy that our umbrella only protected our heads from getting wet, but it didn’t bother me much because the saying goes that the more times you get soaked from the rain while preaching as a missionary, the more pretty your wife will be. BRING IT ON, RAIN! Anyway it was a great week down here.
We got to teach Milton, Nancy, and Fernando several times this week and the lessons all went really well. They always have questions and are great listeners. Saturday we had a great experience with Fernando. As we got talking with him we knew something was bothering him, after talking a little bit more with us, he said, "elders, I’ve sinned" and he was having a hard time holding in the tears. He said he smoked and drank. We talked about forgiveness and repentance and it was a great lesson. The spirit was strong and testified of our message. We gave him a blessing before we left.
Also this week as we were walking around contacting people I had a really strong impression to talk with a man that was sitting on the curb. We got talking and he basically told us he’s been waiting to get answers about God. We talked about everything from baptism to the pre-mortal life. He was such a great guy. The problem with him is that he doesn’t live in our area, he lives really far away. As we ended our talk with him, he told us. "Thanks for talking with me, it was just what I needed" By listening to the Spirit, we were able to answer the questions that this man has had about God.
Friday we had interviews with President, and it was great. Going into the interview I had so many things to ask him, but I didn’t have to, we just started talking and he answered all my questions without me even asking them. I feel my mission president is really called of God and receives revelation for all of us missionaries. He’s a great man.
Sunday it was voting day here in Comalapa and so no one came to church. Sadly the members and investigators use that as an excuse not to come to church, so not many people came. Then we got word from the zone leaders that some gang called Zapatistas, who hate the government, were going to destroy all the voting places in Comitan and Comalapa so we had to go home early, but nothing happened. So don’t worry mom.

On our way home, we found Angel. He’s moving to Puebla. But we had a great talk with him. He’s been going through some really hard trials lately and wants help. We followed the spirit, which led us to baptism. Both he and my companion and I could barely hold back the tears. I don’t know why, but it was a powerful lesson. As we closed, we invited him to be baptized and he said, “I’ll do anything to follow Jesus Christ and to be like you guys" it was such an amazing lesson even though it’ll probably be our last with him. As we left, he told us he will never forget us. It’s amazing to me the positive influence we can have on another person in just a few weeks. I’m hoping he stays here so we can help him with those steps toward baptism, because he’s seriously a golden investigator!
Love and miss you tons, family. Remember the Church is true, the Spirit ALWAYS guides us if we’re listening, and Heavenly Father loves ALL of his children!
Elder Hunt

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