Saturday, August 22, 2015

Oh, Mexico!

It was a really hot week but also SUPER RAINY! Comalapa is so weird. But I love it!
A simple yet cool experience on Tuesday. We were getting into the combi to go to our meetings in Comitan and we were already running late. So we were waiting in the combi for like 15 min, and the driver still wasn’t leaving because he was waiting for more people to fill up the combi. So I said a simple prayer asking that we could leave so we could make it on time. Not 10 seconds after I ended my prayer, a van pulled up, and 5 people exited and entered the combi! It was awesome! And we made it on time to the meeting!
At the meeting, we had an awesome lesson from the zone leaders. We talked about miracles and what we can do to be part of miracles and to see them. We wrote down on a piece of paper miracles that we each need in our individual areas and then we prayed as a zone that we could work diligently and see the miracles come to pass. Then, once we arrived into our areas we started a fast for the miracles we had put down on our papers. And the next day we started to see the fruits of our fasting . . . .
As we were walking to a lesson, we were walking next to this lady and got talking with her and introduced ourselves. She was interested in our message and said she would love for us to come by. Her name is Ana Isabel, and we taught her and her sister about the restoration and she loved it. At the end of the discussion she said I’m going to church with you tomorrow, what time does it start? It was awesome. Unfortunately . . . . she didn’t come . . . . we’re not really sure why but we have a lesson with her this week! She was an answer to our fasting and prayers.
We were able to visit a lot of members and start strengthening the branch. It really needs it! We visitied a member every day and on Sunday we had 10 people more come to church!!!! This was also an answer to our fasting and prayers.
We had a pretty good week in seeing some of the fruits of our fast and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us this coming week. Thanks for the letters. Love and miss ya tons!
Elder Hunt

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