Saturday, August 22, 2015

Chiflon and Teaching with the Spirit

This week was great and hard and I learned a few of lessons.
I’ll just talk about the two main points in the subject line.
We went to a waterfall called Chiflón this week and it was so awesome!!!! It was a multi-zone activity and wow. . . . absolutely beautiful! We started at the bottom of the river and walked about 1.25 kilometers to the top where we saw the waterfall. It was so cool and we had a blast. It was so fun to see some old friends and companions too! After the waterfall we ate some delicious pizza and then went back to Comalapa!
Teaching with the Spirit.
I learned a very important lesson this week, in a hard and humbling way. I’ve been praying a lot for the Spirit this week and to recognize how to teach with the Spirit. I don’t know why, but sometimes, I feel like we don’t have it so much. Elder Cabrera is a great guy but sometimes we have disagreements and that effects everything we do. So Friday we had a disagreement and it turned into a little argument. It ended quickly but with 2 angry elders . . . . and thus we see that the Prophet Joseph Smith really was a prophet because he said " if a man has not the spirit he shall not teach". . . . and we didn’t. All of our lessons fell through and no one would listen to us. As we ended our day, we both apologized and repented.On Sunday after we took the sacrament I felt a lot better. We went with Marina and had a fantastic lesson with her. She opened up to us much more than usual, and talked about how hard it is with her husband because he’s never home but that she wants to get baptized. We testified that God would help her and then it hit me . . . . I remembered what I had prayed for and I had received my answer. We didn’t have the Spirit for a day and it was a disaster but now we had it again and I was able to really recognize the difference like never before and it just felt great! I know that the Spirit is a guide for us and that he’s always there, we just have to prepare ourselves and listen for it!
One other thing . . . . transfers came this week and I’M TRAINING AGAIN!!!! I’m super excited and ready for another opportunity to have a "hijo" (son) ha.
Love and miss you all tons and I’m so thankful for your letters. Keep being an incredible family!!
Elder Hunt


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