Friday, May 6, 2016

Carmen and Angela are baptized!

It was a good week.

Adolfo is enduring to the end. He’s been having some hard moments but we’ve been visiting him and helping him with words of comfort, videos, and scriptures. We watched with him, Elder Holland’s talk last Sunday. After watching it he said, "that was just for me wasn’t it?" He bore his testimony in church on Sunday and got pretty emotional. It was a great testimony.

Me and my companion got up early one morning to BOX! . . . Ok, not really, but my companion is a boxer and so I told him, "hey, tomorrow morning you’re going to be my coach and teach me how to box!" So we did. I almost died. I haven’t done that much exercise for a long, long, time! Anyway it was fun . . . just wanted to share that with ya.

We ate a sea food cocktail Friday at the bishop’s house. It was pretty good. It had octopus in it which was a nice surprise! ha 

Ok, really it was a nice week, but I want to tell you about Saturday. It was so awesome. We had a great ward activity and also Carmen and Angela’s baptism. So the activity was called “One Day in the Mission.” I don’t know why, since it only lasted an hour but it was fun. So the way it worked is we gave the members that attended the activity a survey for the members to take to people in the area. The survey asked them things related to the restoration like: What do you know about prophets? And Do you believe there are prophets on the earth today? And How different do you think the world would be if everyone listened to the prophets counsel? And Would you like to learn more about a living prophet? So the members took 3 surveys and went out tracting and contacting people. The activity started pretty grim. With an attendance of  about 10 adults and 6 youth. It didn’t look very promising. But after we got them all excited , we paired them up and sent them off. About an hour later and they were back and of the 5 companionships we made 17 referrals! The members saw many miracles and met many people who were interested. We go the idea from a brother in the ward that did it when he was a missionary and he had 22 baptisms from it. Now we’ll be working on contacting the referrals and hopefully will be teaching them. I can’t imaging how the activity would have been if the ward actually participated well. Anyway it was a great testimony builder for me and the few members who showed up.

Then we had the baptism. Due to the fact that we didn’t plan the baptism (remember, Carmen and Angela now live in the sisters area) it was an honor to participate in it. I was able to baptize them Saturday and then Sunday my companion confirmed them. They bore their testimonies on Sunday as well. Carmen got pretty emotional. She’s a great lady with not much education but she bore a simple and pure testimony, as did Angela.

Anyway it was a great experience teaching Carmen and Angela and then seeing them join the Church. It has been a great week. 

Sorry for the very unorganized letter but I love and miss you all tons. I know the Lord answers prayers and I know he wants us to be the best we can be and he’s willing to help us if we do our part.

The Church is true. I know it and love it.


Elder Hunt

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