Monday, May 23, 2016

Leadership Meeting and Distritc Conference

Well this was an incredible yet slow week. My companion got sick so we basically did nothing most of this week. I was so glad to get out of the house and preach the gospel again!

Monday we traveled to Tuxtla for our leader meeting. Every month, all the zone leaders from the mission meet in Tuxtla to talk about monthly goals and what we can do to be better missionaries and leaders and all that good stuff. It was awesome because a lot of the zone leaders right now are some great missionaries from my generation and it was so good to see some old faces.

Tuesday was the actual meeting and it was so incredible . . . . and long! The new assistants are making a lot of great changes in the mission; how we work and study and what not, this month, one of the mission goals is to work more with Family History. It’s always been a part of the mission goals but no one is focusing too much on it, so president has a new vision on how we should work with it.

It was a great meeting and we talked about so many other things, I learned so much. Afterward we had the privilege of going to the temple. I LOVE the temple. I’m so lucky to have one in my mission and to be able to go. I’m not going to spend too much time talking about the temple but let me just say that I know the church is true and that part of the evidence of the truthfulness of the church are the temples.

Once we got back on Wednesday my companion got super sick and so we were in house for basically the whole week. I had my first zone meeting as zone leader though. It went pretty well but I feel like there is so much I need to work on. It’s hard enough to be district leader and lead 6 missionaries, but now I have to teach and help 18 missionaries. The pressure is a bit rough but I’ll get used to it.

This weekend we had a great district conference. President George is just an amazing man and he knows EXACTLY what the district needs. It’s because he is so in tune with the spirit. 

Wow, this was an awful letter, im so sorry. The time we have in the cyber is limited and as zone leaders we have to send in the numbers for our zone. It’s a long story. I love you all, and can’t wait to hear from you next week. I promise that my next letter will be better!

Love you all!!

Elder Hunt

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