Monday, May 23, 2016

First week in San Christabol

IT WAS AWSOME! There’s so much to tell you about and I know we just talked yesterday but I will cover the main points.

- lots of Catholics
- lots of hippies from all over the world
- a lot of old narrow streets like you would see in Italy or somewhere.
- some people speak Aztec dialects (Zotsil, Zental)

Monday I said goodbye to as many of the families, converts, and investigators in Tuxtla as I could.

Tuesday I got to San Cristobal and we went right to work, showing the new District leader and his companion their new area and meeting with the sister training leaders to plan our leader meeting for the next day.

Wednesday I met one of our incredible investigators named Freddy. He has all the church attendances and wants to get baptized, but his family and friends make fun of him because he’s meeting with us. We set a date with him for the 28th after teaching the discussion The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s excited but nervous about his family and friends. We’re working hard with him

Thursday we went to watch the BYU dance group. It was pretty awkward. Maybe because I’m a missionary and to see girls dancing with boys is weird. It was a "dance around the world" theme.

Friday we found another investigator named Francisco. He’s really receptive but is listening to missionaries from 4 other churches at the same time! We taught him The Restoration and he really liked it and says he is willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know for himself that its true!

Saturday we found another new investigator named Juan Carlos and his dad Celestino. They were really receptive and said they were willing to come to church but we stopped by Sunday morning but they weren’t there

The branch is pretty weak. It’s gone from an attendance of about 120 to 80 in the last couple years so we have a ton of less actives to work with, but the members that are active are awesome.

Anyway I better wrap things up here. Love and miss you all tons and can’t wait to tell you more about the area next week!


Elder Hunt

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