Friday, May 6, 2016

This week was HOT!

HOT week!

And I mean the weather. It was really, really hot this week and the worst thing was that there was basically no one home! But I’ll tell you all about the good things that happened this week!  

We found 2 new investigators Ofelia and her mom Maria, they seem really interested, especially Ofelia. Ofelia is 19 and she was really intrigued in the restoration, especially the part about the Book of Mormon. They were unable to come to church on Sunday but this week they should be able to.

We met with Christian several times and he came to church and absolutely loved it, he’s definitely getting baptized. His parents are really catholic but they’re supportive to him listening to us and even said if he wants to join the church he can, but he needs to make the decision. So that’s awesome!

Also this week we’ve been visiting Adolfo a lot to help him with some of the problems he has been facing. He’s still enduring to the end, but it was a hard week for him. Sunday, he told us that some of the trials he’s had were lessened so that’s good news.

Anyway those are the highlights of this week. Sorry that there’s not much to tell you all. Oh, one other thing . . . . although Sunday we didn’t have many investigators to church we did see several less active members we have been visiting come to church with their families. So there was some fruit, just a different kind of fruit.

I love you all and miss you very much and thanks so much for your letters and motivation!


Elder Hunt

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