Sunday, March 6, 2016

Adolfos baptism

Awesome week! Stressful one too!
So Monday the pope came to Tuxtla. It was crazy because we got to see it from the roof of our house! He came in a helicopter and landed in the Jaguar soccer stadium. We could hear the music that was playing from our house! It was so crazy. I took a video so hopefully you can see it.
On Tuesday we met with our investigator named Carlos and had a great lesson with him. He’s an investigator who has a lot of problems and has gone through a whole ton of stuff in his life. Without going into details, he REALLY needs the restored gospel! As we taught him he expressed his doubts he asked us "how did you guys come to know all this is true" so we all shared our conversion stories and afterward he said " you have powerful testimonies. Thank you for sharing with me. I know what I need to do. I need to read and pray" it was awesome! We had our last lesson with our investigator Adolfo Sarmillento Canel and talked about repentance. It was a great lesson and a great topic to go over before his baptism. We taught Carmen and her family about prophets and they were glad to hear that we have a prophet today.
Thursday we helped a less active sister paint her little beauty shop. Well, it’s going to be a beauty shop anyway. It was fun but took WAY longer that we thought it would. We were there for 3 hours before we left and still didn’t finish completely. We’ll go back Wednesday I think to finish everything.
Friday we had our multi zone activity. We went to the zoo!!!! it was nice I guess, as nice as a zoo in southern Mexico can get, but it was pretty cool. It was a zoo with all the animals of Chiapas. There were monkeys and ant eaters and leopards and pumas, it was pretty cool. It was also great to be with all the missionaries and ex companions! 
Saturday was the coolest and most stressful day of my life! So we got to the church at 3:00 to start filling up the font. The bathroom was a disaster so we had to clean that up and take out the trash too. As we were doing that we noticed that the water wasn’t flowing much, so we went out back and checked the water. . . . we were out of water. The sad thing is that the day before we checked EVERYTHING, the boiler, the drain, the piano and TV. . . . but not the water tank. (Mexico problems). So long story short, we called a water truck to fill up the tank and the font! It was the most stressed hour of my life! but everything went perfectly afterward. Wangela and Jorge came to the baptism and loved it and Adolfo had some of his friends come too. It was such a great moment. Adolfo said at the end of his baptism "I don’t know how I can repay you guys, I feel as light as a feather, and I’ve never been so happy". Sunday he was confirmed and received the Aaronic priesthood!
 It was a great week and hard week. It felt so good to help a child of God with 72 years on this earth find and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the church is true and I know that by living according to the principles taught, we will receive eternal life.
Love and miss ya all tons and thanks for your love and support!
Elder Hunt


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