Monday, March 21, 2016

Last week in a trio

This was our last week in a trio. Friday at our multi zone conference, pres. talked to us and asked Elder Rosas if he could go to another area because another elder had knee surgery and went home so his companion was without a companion. So that was a miracle in and of itself. Now Elder Perez and I are happy and already seeing miracles!
Tuesday we gave Adolfo a blessing. He’s now home and out of the hospital but still really sick. After the blessing he started getting a lot better and by next Sunday I’m sure he’ll be able to go to church. We visited him on Thursday as well. He’s still faithful and reads and prays even though he can’t come to church right now he stays up to date in his Gospel Principles manual, he’s so awesome! 

Tuesday was a bit sad though because the father of a very faithful and awesome family died. He had been separated from his wife and didn’t live in our area but the family helped us with everything. One of their sons, Cesar, always is going out with us and so we stopped by their house to see how he and the family were doing. I now know what it’s like to mourn with those that mourn. They’re doing a lot better now, butTuesday was rough.
Wednesday we got permission to go to the temple and it was a much needed trip. Being in the trio was really hard and so the temple gave me and Elder Perez a good time to relax and feel the spirit.
We visited Carmen and her family a couple times this week and Jorge is going to get baptized on Saturday!!!!! WOOHOO! We also put a baptismal date for Carmen and Angela and they said yes to the 9th of April! So were super pumped and they also came to church!!!!
Friday we had our multi-zone conference and it was so special! The spirit was strong and we learned so much about the atonement! I’ve grown to have a great appreciation for the Savior as I’ve been here in Mexico and know and appreciate more that Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world.
Saturday, once Elder Rosas left, we started seeing miracles! Elder Perez had a dream that we should see an old investigator and teach him about family history. It was something that we weren’t expecting, so we went and visited him on Sunday night. He lost his wife about 5 years ago and so we talked about how families can be together forever and we watched the new video that the church has. Hallelujah! It was perfect. He’s now a new investigator and is really happy that we’re visiting him again. We also did divisions with some youth in the ward. Cesar and Paul. I went with Paul and we went beast mode! It was so great.
Well family, sorry for the randomness of the letter. There’s so little time to tell you about everything and there’s so much we have to do now for the baptism. We’re going to be seeing Meet the Mormons Friday so we have to plan for that as well. I love and miss you all so much and I know the church is true and that God loves us! I’ll try to make the next letter make sense! 
Elder Hunt

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