Sunday, March 6, 2016

Conference with Elder Oaks

OK, all I have time for are the highlights of this week. I’ll save Elder Oaks for last.
Adolfo didn’t get baptized. He drank his last coffee on Saturday so he’ll be baptized this coming Saturday! We’re excited for that and thankfully he still is too, after having to push his date back over and over again.
Jose Luis and Maria (de Carmen, she likes Carmen better so I’ll be referring to her as Carmen, sorry now there are 2 of them) are doing ok. The kids are sure more excited to progress, but we're working with mom and dad. We had a great lesson with them on Tuesday and they fed us lunch as well. Before leaving they asked for a blessing for Carmen.
The other Carmen and her kids are doing good as well. We’re going to have a FHE with them and with the ward mission leader who happens to be a former mission president. Seriously our ward is incredible!
We found a new investigator this week named Isis. She’s a single mom but is looking for the truth. She was catholic but attended a Seventh Day Adventist school and almost got baptized there but didn’t feel right about it. We contacted her last week and she said when we contacted her she felt something very special. 
Ok, now for Elder Oaks . . . .it was awesome!!! I think there are pictures of the conference on the LDS Mexico facebook page, though I’m not sure since I can’t go on facebook but the members say there are pics! Anyway, so we had to be at the stake center at 7:30 in the morning. The whole mission was there so we got situated and waited for him to come in. He arrived at about 9:30 and he was accompanied by Elder Clayton and their wives. We got to shake their hands one by one and that was cool! When I shook Elder Oak’s hand, I said "it’s so nice to meet you Elder Oaks" and he said, "Oh it’s so nice to meet you too Elder Hunt" IT WAS AWESOME!!! The conference was great as well. He and Elder Clayton talked about so many things. One topic that I loved was when they talked about the importance of teaching repentance thoroughly before inviting the investigators to baptism. "We don’t want investigators converted to “the Church”, we want investigators converted to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ", so true. Then he talked about how we need to prepare the investigators for baptism. Pres. George talked about that as well. He talked about the parable of the sower for a bit and then said how we get good soil. He talked about how the soil needs to be prepared for our investigators to grow in the church and the gospel. They need friends in the church, good teaching, people to share hymns with and others to welcome them when they come to church, then they will feel the spirit and be converted to the gospel.
After the conference we went to work and immediately started seeing miracles. I’ll share with you something I shared with my mission president.
When walking we passed by a less-active woman’s house and she said, “Elders, please come in, we have been praying for you. We need a blessing.” She told us that her husband, he’s Pentecostal, almost died of a heart attack the day before. So we gave him a blessing and afterward he sat up and turned to me and said “You have a lot of faith, when you gave me the blessing I felt heat or power enter into my body and heal me, you are sent from God.” It brought tears to my eyes because I have been struggling a bit lately, feeling like I’m not a good enough missionary. I’ve been praying a lot to know whether or not what I’m doing is pleasing the Lord. I feel it was an answer to my prayer.
Sunday we had another conference with Elder Benjamin de Oyos of The Seventy. It was an awesome conference. Only Adolfo came to church so he’s the only one that has a baptismal date but were working on that this week
Such a great week full of experiences that are truly unforgettable. I love being a missionary and love serving the Lord!
Love and miss you all very, very much!
Elder Hunt


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