Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jeorge's baptism

We have transfers. I’m staying here in Aguilas and my companion is going to the mountains of Chiapas to a little city called Yajalon! He’s super excited but at the same time nervous. It can get a little sketchy there. But my new companion comes tomorrow and then next week were going to divide our area again and were going to have sister missionaries in the ward!!! They’re going to be in my old area Aguilas 2 (It’s where I was before the trio, it’s the nicer part of our area), which in a way stinks for me because our next 3 baptisms are in that area! But oh well. I’m still counting Carmen, Angela and Yuriana (spoiler alert) as my converts! Anyway let’s talk about the week chronologically.
Tuesday we went over to teach Jorge and as we were pulling up in the taxi, we saw him fighting some kid! It wasn’t anything too bad, they’re only 10 years old, so we paid the taxi really quick and jumped out to see what the heck was going on. Once we got out, Jorge was really embarrassed and hid behind a car. The kid he was punching was the bully on the block and it sounded like he was making fun of Jorge for being poor and for talking with the Mormons. We talked with the bully and we were able to calm them down a bit. After going inside Jorge’s house, we talked about repentance and about loving others even when they don’t love you. Then as we said the opening prayer, Jorge asked if he could say it. As he did, he started praying for the bully "that he can be happy and not hurt anyone" and that he (Jorge) could be forgiven. It was such a simple and precious prayer that surely fogged up my eyes.
Wednesday we got a referral from the elders in COMALAPA!!!!! Sounds like one of their investigators lives a week in our area and a week in their area. His name is Jose Luis and he’s awesome! He’s from Nicaragua and wants to get baptized. He works with a brother in the branch in Comalapa named Eduardo. So the missionaries there are working with him. We only were able to meet with him once this week and then we went back to Comalapa, but it was nice to have that kind of teamwork from the missionaries in my old area!
Thursday we met with Adolfo . . . . I REALLY want you guys to meet him! He’s such an amazing man. He went home teaching this week with brother Sanchez and told us afterwards "what church cares so much about their members that they visit them like this, not any other church but the Church of Christ" then he started crying and said "you guys have no idea how much you’ve done for me! Thank you so so much" I love how amazing Adoflo is and I’m so happy that God chose me to be one of the missionaries to help him.
Friday we had a movie night at the church. It went ok. There were a lot of technical difficulties and the young men burned a bag and a half of popcorn before actually getting it right, but it was awesome. We watched Meet the Mormons and everyone seemed to love it, especially Jorge and Angela.
Saturday was a fantastic day. Everything went just about perfect for the baptism (YES THERE WAS WATER IN THE TANK) Elder Perez got to baptize Jorge so he was really happy about that. Once Jorge was baptized, his mom Carmen was crying. Her and Angela are excited for their baptism on the 9th of April and so are we! 
Sunday was great as well. I was able to confirm Jorge and it was a really a special experience. After church we went to the Rodas´s house because Yuriana (the referral we contacted about a month ago) finally was able to meet with us. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and it was a great lesson, especially since we had 2 returned sister missionaries and 1 future missionary with us. When we invited her to be baptized she said yes and we invited her to get baptized the 16th of April (she’s gone to church 5 times already but we need time to teach her the lessons) and she said yes again! Everyone was so happy after that lesson.
It was an awesome week with so many miracles. The Lord answers prayers. ALWAYS. Just 6 months ago I was so worried because I didn’t have a baptism. Now I know that the Lord was preparing me for the Aguilas ward.
Love you all so much family. The Church is true!
Elder Hunt

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