Saturday, January 9, 2016

Actividad Navidena and progress

Hola familia!
It was a great week. Tuesday was our Christmas activity and it was a blast. We got notified super late that we had to do a talent. So that Monday we all met at the church and wrote a little skit! I wrote the words to a song with my comp and one of the sisters (it was a Book of Mormon type spoof to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer). It turned out really funny the only problem is that it’s in Spanish and it’s only funny for the missionaries in this mission because there are a ton of stereotypes. I’ll have to show you the video when I get home!
We watched A MICKEY MOUSE´S CHRITMAS CAROL!!!!! It was the best thing ever! It was the first Disney thing I’ve seen in like 1.25 years! The whole conference was a great and spiritually uplifting time! Wednesday before we got back I did some baptismal interviews for the zone leaders and by Thursday we actually got to get in some good work.
We had a little thanksgiving celebration and ate some pork (I’m sick of chicken) with some pasta and mashed potatoes! It was DELISH! Can’t wait till next Thanksgiving with mama’s strawberry jelly!
The investigators are doing well. We have so many that are so close to baptism! Luis, Rosa´s son, was so close to getting baptized next week, but he didn’t come to church. Rosario and Eva are doing pretty good, but don’t want to get married. Satan really bugs me, but were praying a lot for each one of them.
Misael is AWESOME! He’s Gold! Seriously, we had several lessons with him this week and he really wants to know the truth. He’s praying and reading the Book of Mormon. Sadly he didn’t come to church this Sunday, he was with family, but the guy is great.
Sunday was awesome, remember those 2 random people that come to church the last week? THEY CAME AGAIN! Their names are Eber and Mari, they’re so great. They said that they can only come to church every other week or so but that they’re inviting their friends from work to come next week! We had a great talk with them after church and we’re going to be visiting them this Wednesday.
Sorry this was a short letter. I feel like I slack in writing you guys, but it’s just because there is so much that happens as a missionary! I love being a missionary. It’s so hard yet fun. The church is true family!

Elder Hunt

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