Saturday, January 9, 2016

Last week in Comalapa

Yes... I’m getting transferred!!!!!! I’m so excited, sad, nervous!!!! But I’m more excited because I’ll be in a ward and close to a Walmart!!!!
This was a good last week in Comalapa!
We had many great lessons with our investigators and less actives. We talked a lot about marriage and the Law of Chastity because no one is married. Hopefully they’ll get married soon! We need worthy male priesthood holders! After one of the lessons we had with some less actives, the wife of the couple told us, “something we noticed with you two is that you’re different from some of the other missionaries, you really try to help us", I don’t think that my companion and I are much different from other missionaries, but it made me really grateful for the progress I’ve made as a missionary. I know that the Lord loves these people and my only job is to help them recognize it and live it and take advantage of it.
We had a great Christmas activity too. There were 44 people squeezed into our little casa de oracion (house of prayer). We sang some Mexican songs and my companion and I sang Oh Holy Night, the “Spanglish” version, and everyone freaked out! Even though our singing wasn’t that great, when you have a guitar, people think we're like Michael Bublay and Josh Groban doing a duet! I it was a really fun activity.
I’m going to miss Comalapa so much. I will miss these people. I have gained a great love for them. This area has so much potential. Sadly Satan has a lot of power here... thankfully we know his power won’t last.
Sorry this was such a lame letter. My mind is going like a mile an hour (a Michael quote) ha! Love and miss you all so much!!!! I can’t wait for Christmas! Dad I’ll give you all the details about the phone call next p-day. I don’t know when my new companion wants to write so it might be in the morning or maybe the afternoon. I’ll text ya.
Elder hunt

PS.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! It was the best thing ever and totally made my day!

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