Saturday, January 9, 2016

Typical week in Comalapa

Boring Title... but it means another great week!
It all started out with a drunk guy crying and slobbering on me so you know that things are going to go good!
Ever (or Eber . . . it sounds the same in Spanish and I don’t know how to spell it) and Mari are awesome! We taught them Wednesday and Friday and they have a desire to know the truth. Wednesday we got to see how God prepares his children. Eber explained to us why one morning he went looking for a church. It’s as follows:
So Eber and his Girlfriend (they’re not yet married) work in a little super market. One day a girl came in crying and she was really bawling her eyes out. So Eber knelt down and comforted her and asked her what was wrong. She told him that her step dad abuses her and she can’t take it anymore. He comforted her and she left and everything was fine for a couple weeks. Then he got a call from his boss saying that he might lose his job for abusing a child! So Eber was super confused, went to work and asked his boss what had happened. So the stepdad found out that his daughter had told Eber that she was being abused and that he had comforted her so he made up something to try to get back at Eber. Long story short, Eber ended up solving things by going over to the house of the step dad to talk things out and almost got shot for doing it. Coming home and seeing how quickly his life could have been ended, he said he was going to focus his life on God. He woke up Sunday morning and said to himself "I’m going to find a church" and that’s exactly what he did.
We taught them the restoration and the Book of Mormon and they love everything. “It just all makes sense" is what they say.
We also had a great experience from one of the members we’ve recently re-activated named Nahin (I’ve already told you about him and his wife Rosario I think) they’re not married. He asked us a question about the plan of salvation that was a bit weird. I’m not going to tell you the question cause it’s hard to explain. but basically with the Spirit and past scripture study, we were able to answer his question. He told us at the end of the lesson, "I’ve asked that question to many different people, in and out of the church, but only you guys were able to answer it for me in a way to where I understand . . . thank you." It was a humbling moment for me to recognize the importance of the Spirit and GOOD scripture study, though I can always improve my knowledge of the scriptures.
Those were the biggest accomplishments this week. I’m loving the mission and missing the heck out of you all. The Church is true. Simple as that!
Elder Hunt


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